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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Oh, Friday. Right.

Almost forgot to post. Cristi would have my head, especially since I missed WIP Wednesday this week.

Another acquisition from the fabbo Charlotte Yarns in October.

Malabrigo Laceweight (OMGLOVE!) in “Applewood” (posing with the Scotian Silk you saw last week).

Lovely light caramel, with just a hint of rosy pink here and there.


I Blame Cristi and Aimee

Yes, this is all their fault. See, Cristi took me to Charlotte Yarns while I was visiting her for SAFF. And Charlotte Yarns has beautiful stuff, like the Alpaca and Silk I showed you last week.

Also, like this. Fleece Artist Scotian Silk (64 wool-35 silk) in (I think) “Madder”. It’s gorgeous. It’s soft, and […]

Limbo Pr0n!

Why limbo? Because I’m sneaking in just under the wire, of course. 😀

Just one quick pic today – some Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk that I bought at the totally lovely Charlotte Yarn while visiting Cristi and Aimee and May and all the other kickass Charlotte knitters for SAFF. It’s going to be a […]

Warm and Cozy Pron

This week, we have Knit Picks Sock Sampler in Warm Colors. I ordered this (along with the Neutrals) with plans to make myself a sweater using some techniques I learned in my “Stashology 201” class with Christine Bylsma at Stitches East this fall. (GREAT class. Awesome teacher. If you ever have the chance to take […]

Heartfelt Pr0n

So, one of the many joys of being at Rhinebeck this year was getting to meet so many people that I’ve only known online previously. There was a lot of “squee”ing and hugging and laughing. It was just awesome.

One of the lovely people I met was ZantiMissKnit, who I’ve known on the Knittyboards for […]

Buggy Pr0n

Ok, that sounds a little scary, but really, it’s not! I got an email from Little Knits a couple of weeks ago about some sales, and I was looking at the HandMaiden Sea Silk. I’ve looked at it before, and have resisted, but this time I just couldn’t. This color called to me. Aside from […]

More Local Pr0n!

The rest of the goodies I picked up from Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Victorian Bulky in “Mt. Pleasant” and Loft in “Mt. Pleasant”. These will be combined into a scribble lace scarf, courtesy of the free pattern in Karida’s booth.


Local Pr0n!

I met the lovely Karida of Neighborhood Fiber Co. at Stitches this year (seriously – she’s adorable, and a total hoot). I picked up a few things from her (you’ll see some of it next week, too)

Studio Sock yarn for Kris in “Foggy Bottom” Seriously – tell me these aren’t Penn State colors. How […]

Stitches + Rhinebeck =

Ellen’s Half Pint Farm! I picked up two hanks of this lovely purple alpaca-silk lace yarn at Stitches. When I got home, I checked the Icarus Shawl pattern (which I thought it would be perfect for) and realized… I didn’t have enough. Luckily, when I stopped by the Ellen’s booth at Rhinebeck, she had another […]

Yarn Pr0n Good… Stormy

(Does anyone even vaguely recognize that rather tweaked quote?)

While at Stitches, I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay of Storm Moon Knits (her shop’s not fully up just yet). She’s absolutely darling, and her yarns? GORGEOUS. I was drooling over one called “Let There Be Lips” (Yay Rocky Horror) but missed out on it. […]