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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Yarn Pr0n and Not-Yarn Pr0n

So the folks arrived safely last night, and we met Amanda (her J was golfing), JMac and Mary Beth at DuClaw for the Twisted Kilt release. I’m pretty sure that by the end of the evening, all three of them were thinking, “Oh! THAT’s where she gets it from.” 😀

After dinner, Kris and Dad […]

Juuuuust to beat a dead horse…

I have on more color combo, and I think it might be the winner. I definitely agree with those who have said that the Sherbet seems a little too bright for the rest of the colors (although I love it and I can’t wait to make socks from it!). I’m also a little concerned about […]

The Problem With Charlotte’s Web?

It’s freaking ADDICTIVE! I so enjoyed making the first one that now I want to do another. And I think I’ve decided to. I’ve decided to use up some of my stash of Socks that Rock Lightweight to make a nice big version of the Charlotte’s Web – still five colors, but more repeats in […]

YPF – Williamsburg, Week Two

Today, we have some lovely Claudia Handpaints Linen in “Blue Fields”

Isn’t it gorgeous? I just picked up a copy of Folk Style today, and I’m thinking that the lovely green shawl in there (Kate Gilbert’s “Paisley Shawl”) might be the destiny of this yarn.Oh, and regarding the blog post title from the last […]

WIPs, FOs, and the Kindness of Knitties

So, I did actually finish that crocheted scarf that I showed you, and courtesy of the crappy-ass weather we’ve been having, I’ve been wearing it quite a bit. Here ’tis: I also finished the Counterpoint scarf I’ve been working on as a “Congratulations” gift for my friend Hillary, who is off to NYU this fall […]

DWTS Elimination and Mid-Week Yarn Pr0n

Wow. I actually called it! Leeza and Shandi in the bottom two, and Shandi sent home! I’m so glad Clyde was safe. I know the judges are pretty hard on him, and I think a lot of his problems stem from the height difference and his rotator cuff issues. His personality is really starting to […]

Twinkle Party!

So, I’m sitting here on Thursday when the phone rings. It’s Annemarie, calling to see if I am going to StitchDC Georgetown for their Twinkle party. I hadn’t actually heard about it, but I am not exactly known for, um, turning down a trip to a yarn store. We made plans to grab dinner and […]

Haaaaave you met Morrigan?

(Anyone else a fan of “How I Met Your Mother“? Barney’s game of “Haaaaaave you met Ted?” Anyone?)

So, on my StitchDC trip, I finally scored a copy of the elusive No Sheep For You by the oh-so-fabulous Amy Singer. In flipping through it, I found this:

(Photo ganked from here, the blog of the […]

Stitch DC Pr0n!

Some of the goodies from my trip to Stitch DC last weekend.

Some Hemp for Knitting Allhemp6 in “Lilac”, which will be combined with the same in “Deep Sea” (a nice deep blue) to make “The Bag” from No Sheep for You.

And finally, some Hemp for Knitting Allhemp3 in “Sprout”, which will be […]

Random Stuff and Nonsense

I had the loveliest Saturday this weekend. I met up with my friends Maryanne and Carrie (mother-daughter duo from my knitting group) and we went in to StitchDC. Not only did we have fun fondling all the new yarns (some of which, erm, may have come home with me and will be featured in future […]