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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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I Have Only Two Words.


I’ve Gone Geek

Well, geekier.

See, it all started in high school, when my then-boyfriend got me playing D&D and watching Dr. Who and Monty Python. A guy I dated in college kept the D&D interest going, and added watching the occasional Star Trek: TNG episode. Kris has certainly continued the trend – now I play video games, […]


No, not me – iTunes. Have you iTunes users played with this at all yet? I just started today. I’ve had the new version for a while, but my verrrrrrry sloooooooow laptop was annoying me. I went and got more memory for it, and things are moving much faster, which makes me happy. It also […]

I Am Not a Gamer.

No, really, I’m not. I don’t get the appeal of first-person shooters or stuff like Grand Theft Auto. It holds absolutely no appeal to me.

OK, yes, I love me some Tetris. And I’m pretty good at it. Ask Kris – I kick his butt fairly regularly. 😉 But that’s not a REAL game – […]

This EoP Thing is Addictive

Seriously – I’ve been working on the Liberated Laceweight shawl pretty continually this weekend, which is way easy to do, what with no charts or anything to mess with. Of course, I did have some snarling issues on Saturday, so I lost about two hours detangling and re-winding, but even so, check out how big […]

Things I Learned from TV

So, I usually have the tv on for background noise while I’m at home during the day. There’s a bit of a dearth of good stuff on if one isn’t a fan of soap operas or trash talk shows, so when I come across a marathon of something even half-decent, I’m happy. In the case […]

Bye Bye, Tree

When we bought this house 4-1/2 years ago, one of the things that Kris really loved was the ridiculously huge willow oak in the middle of the backyard. Since then, we’ve had some adventures with it. There was the day that Kris and a couple of our friends took down a low branch that turned […]

Too Funny Not to Share

I don’t discuss politics as a general rule (a combination of feeling like I really don’t know enough to defend my position and a desire to avoid the ugliness that usually ensues), and this doesn’t change that. I’m just happy to see that Darby Conley, the artist behind “Get Fuzzy”, thought the same thing that […]

Gratuitous Promotional Post!

OK, you know how I’m always telling you about my non-knitter friends who have blogs? And telling you to go read them? Well, add another one to the list.

Hubby’s blogging again! Go leave him a comment! Keep him posting!

He’s so going to kill me for this…

Holy crap.

Did you guys WATCH that 4×100 Freestyle Relay? What a race!

See, what you probably don’t know about me is that when I was a kid (erm… junior high-ish), I swam. I won’t say competetively, because I was never very good. I had pretty decent form, but I was just not very fast. I LOVED […]