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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Oh, Right. The Shrug.

So, yeah, I finished up the black shrug the Sunday before the wedding (Yay for backstage knitting time!). I completely forgot I hadn’t posted about it.

I don’t remember how much I told you guys, so if I’m repeating myself, well, welcome to Kris’s world. 😀

I started out planning to do the pattern that […]

New Goodies!

Today, we have a combination of things that have come into my life – stuff from Etsy and some stuff I made. It’s all about needle wrangling today. 😀

First – Etsy. I’ve determined that my new Twitter habit is very, VERY dangerous. People like to tweet about awesome stuff they find on Etsy. Since […]

LazyMan Update, Week One

OK, first, thank you all for being so sweet about my last post. I should let you know, though, that my friend wasn’t being as awful as that probably sounded. He and I have known each other since high school, and that’s just kind of how we are – we bust on each other. He […]

When My Public Speaks, I Listen

My public. HA!

Anyway, y’all requested being able to see the dress to properly advise me, so here it is. And pardon the it’s-9:30-and-I-had-yoga-tonight look. 😀


Back (Hello, tattoo #3!):

I think I’m leaning toward a shrug rather than a shawl, mostly for ease and not having to […]

A Little Help?

So, we have two friends who are getting married next month (Yay!). I found a really cute dress yesterday while Yorkie and I were terrorizing the Annapolis Mall. I can’t find a picture of it on the Torrid website (of course), but it’s white with a big blue floral print, and black accents (kinda Katy […]


So, I finished up most of the border of the Swallowtail Shawl at the first Book Club meeting at Large Marge’s on Friday evening, and then did the bindoff yesterday. Today?

She soaks…

And then she dries!

It ended up about 52″ across the top and 28″ down the […]


Sunday afternoon, I headed up to Savage Mill for the 2nd annual Homespun Yarn Party. It was awesome – like a mini-Stitches, but all the vendors are people who make their stuff – spin it, dye it, sew it, raise the animals, etc. It was great fun, and I met some very cool people, including […]

Fabbo Mac & Cheese

OK, so, I posted something about this on Facebook last night after I made it for dinner last night. It’s a slight tweaking of one I got in my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook (Um. The 2007 one, I believe). It’s REALLY good, very simple (One pot! Yay!), and so cheesy you’d never guess it was […]

So Much For Finish or Frog…

Remember that? The group I joined to try to finish up some of my languishing WIPs? Yeah… since then, I started and finished three new projects (my green cowl, and the hats I made for my brother’s two friends). So, the WIP pile… has not really moved. But, that has changed!

I finally dug out […]

FO Parade

So, we’re in Vegas at the moment. Currently, I’m sitting on the bed watching Law & Order on TNT while Kris snores next to me. Poor thing has picked up a cold/sinus infection, and he’s been just wiped out for the last two days. Lovely timing, no?

We’ve been here since Friday night. In the […]