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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Renn Faire!

So, we spent yesterday at the Maryland Rennaisance Festival with Carrie, Alex and Irene (and ran into Amanda and Cassandra, but didn’t get to hang with them much, because we seemed to be going in opposite directions every time 🙁 ) We did a little shopping (and I ordered something that I might model once […]

Ravelympics Update 4

And some other random stuff. 🙂

So current status of the shawl is…

52 of 82 motifs complete. Progress has slowed a bit, obviously. I’m thinking I might take a break from it and start the skirt, just to break the monotony. Plus, carrying around 4 different colors of yarn and changing […]

Yeah, yeah.

I’m lame, I know. I am just not feeling the blogging mojo right now – I think it’s a combination of things, not least of which is the weather, which is making me not feel like knitting. No knitting = little to blog about.

Anyway, yes, I am still planning to update the design here, […]

We Have the Best Friends in the World.

And I think you’ll all agree with me.

So, this weekend was EdFest, preceeded by the Rush concert in PA. We drove up to see Steve and Mindy Thursday afternoon, and then went to the show. It was awesome. I’m not a huge fan – I like them and all, but the show was way […]

Since I’ve Been Scolded…

…and I don’t dare cross The Siress Yorkie, I guess I really should finally post.

Last Thursday night, Carrie, Maryanne and I went into Annapolis to say goodbye to our friend Lizzy. I had the awesome luck to meet her while working backstage at Colonial Players, and she very quickly became a dear friend. She […]

Handspun Monday

Yes, that’s right – I’m actually POSTING handspun on a Monday. Clearly, this is one of the signs of the apocalypse, so brace yourselves accordingly.

I have the finished skein of the green handspun that I showed you last week.

I am completely in love with this stuff. It’s bordering on obsessive.


Kick-Ass Mail Day

Did you happen to see Cristi’s post today? Well, Betsy was a busy little bee, because Cristi wasn’t the only one who got a special package in the mail from Adam this weekend.

Betsy conspired with Adam to have him create an Oz-themed colorway, just for me! It’s called “No Place […]


Sort of, anyway. 🙂 I’ve been madly crocheting to finish up the secret test project, and haven’t had much time to blog. It went in the mail today, so now that it’s done, hopefully I’ll catch up a little more. Until I get some pictures of the 2 (TWO!!!) pairs of socks I finished, let […]

And So It Begins

Guess who got nailed for speeding on the way up here…

Penny Karma – we HAD to take a picture of this for you, my dear.

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Friday Night Band:

Vaguely demonic-looking J on guitar, Kris on drums, Val on bass, and […]

A Call for Generosity

OK, I know that a lot of you responded when I posted about Erin‘s fundraising efforts (and thank you for that!!!), so I’m bringing another one to your attention.

Betsy is a dear, dear friend. She and I met because our husbands went to Penn State together, and I feel so lucky that I’ve gotten […]