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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Oz Sock Club – Flying Monkeys and Cowardly Lion

Catching up on the Wool Girl Oz Sock Club kits…

October brought us the Flying Monkeys kit: Curious Creek Fibers Serengeti in “Enchanted Forest”, Enchanted Forest Socks pattern by Christina Bain, a “Don’t make me get the Flying Monkeys” mirror by madisoncraft.etsy.com, “Who invited the Flying Monkeys” Post-It flags, an Oz greeting card, a project […]

Oz Yarn Club – Nov. and Dec.

I realized that I never posted my pictures of the November Fresh From the Cauldron Oz Yarn Club shipment, and the December one is already here, too. (There’s one more to come in January – I’ll be sad to see this one end!)


FFtC MCN Sport in “Emerald City”, a mini lunchbox, stitchmarker, Emerald […]

New Schtuff

So, yeah. There’s new stuff going on around here.

First, Darling Hubby decided (after I handed him my camera to take a picture of the socks I had just finished for him) that I needed a new one. So, he took it upon himself to find one for me. And knowing me, he even found […]

Addi (And yarn!) Destash

So, I have been cleaning up my craft room lately (It had gotten a bit away from me), and I realized that I have a fair stash of Addi Turbos (and a couple of Addi Lace) that I just don’t use anymore. So, why have them gathering dust when someone might want them?

All needles […]

Happy (Early) Birthday, Kir!

So, yeah, her birthday isn’t until the end of December (the 29th, specifically), but this just couldn’t wait. So, here is the story of the project peeking out of the new project bag I showed you yesterday.

One of the women in my regular Barnes & Noble knitting group posted about a pattern in our […]

FO – Damson Shawl

I’m still slogging along on Tempest (I’ll update that in another day or two), but I got inspired last week to play with something new.

Amanda and I went down to Fibre Space on Nov. 5 for the preview party for Olga‘s new book Ori Ami Knits. I knit one of the samples for it, […]

Yorkie, Avert Your Eyes

Every time I post a recipe, Yorkie claims I’m trying to kill her, so I figure I’ll let her know right know that she needs to just look away. 😀

I made this for a dear friend‘s birthday party the weekend before last, and then ended up down with the flu and just haven’t had […]

Small PSA

When one is upgrading one’s operating system (say, installing Windows 7), it is a VERY GOOD IDEA to actually remember to copy over your email files BEFORE doing said install. Otherwise? Kiss those emails goodbye.

So, yeah, I’ve lost the last 3 or 4 months worth of emails. If you sent me something critical… you […]

This Is Halloween

Happy Hauntings, all!

Penny Karma Found Another One!

My girl PK found this one. 😀

And here’s one of the literal music videos I mentioned.

I don’t know why they amuse me so much, but they do. I’m just simple-minded, I guess.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween, if that’s your thing. We’re having some friends over […]