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So, Yeah.

You may have heard that there’s a little bit of snow falling in this area. I know everyone is posting about it, but I have to throw my 2 cents in as well.

I took some pictures on Saturday of what we got then. It ended up at officially 25″ here in Bowie. Kris managed to get the Jeep out, and we made it up to Laurel to kidnap our friends Erica and Michael for an evening of hot tubbing, Venture Brothers (a new one for us. Weird but funny) and just hanging out with awesome people). I have a flickr set here of the pictures I took that day.

I haven’t been at work since we left on Friday, because my poor boss is entirely snowed in.  The plows didn’t even hit her street until yesterday, and then only once.  And of course that was shortly before round two hit us starting late yesterday afternoon.

We’d noticed that the sliding glass door to the porch was sticking a bit, but at first we thought it was just the cold.  This morning, though, a terrifying thought struck.  There were two and a half feet of snow on the roof.  Could the weight of it be messing with the wall?

Just in case, Kris decided that the roof needed to be cleared.  He climbed out the window with the shovel, and spent four straight hours getting the snow off the roof.  By our calculations, that was 2400 cubic feet of snow, which would weigh somewhere around 48,000 pounds.  And he moved ALL of it.  Alone.  He’s insane.  And I love him so much.

This is what it looks like piled up around the sides of the addition and the porch.




And this is what he looked like when he came in.  My snowy Browncoat.  😀


There’s a few more pictures here.  And if you are wondering, the door stopped sticking entirely once the snow was off the roof.  Thank goodness he cleared it.  If that wall had collapsed, we’d probably have been killed – it’s right behind where we sit.

So, anyway, if you need me, I’ll be on my couch, knitting and watching “Glee”. And praying that this crap STOPS before my parents are set to arrive on Thursday.

ETA – Sorry.  That was unclear.  NEXT Thursday, not tomorrow.  🙂

12 comments to So, Yeah.

  • Yup there is a reason houses in NE tend to have steeply pitched roofs, and metal flashing on the edge–

    the idea is to have an avalance, and get the snow off the roof–and not have it break the rafters with it’s weight.

    good thinking–and good work.

  • bezzie

    If I was a betting woman, I’d say you’re not going to see Mom and Dad until at least Friday.

  • I remember 3 Christmas’ ago when my parents were in search of a new roof shovel. Oh yes, they make special ones just for roofs. Who knew? Now they have 2. My Dad is very proud of them.

    48,000 pounds? Holy shit! No wonder the door was stuck. Thank God you guys thought to clear the snow to fix it.

  • Gosh 4hrs shoveling off the roof! Phew…that was a lot on there! I’m a bit envious of the snow..um..er..but not in that amount! Stay warm and knit away!

  • Woo-hoo! Hot tubbing with the snow piled up all around outside must be amazing!! Glad you still have a roof. 🙂

  • Whoa! Glad you two are safe. Good luck to your parents, I hope they make it in without too much delay.

  • Thank goodness you noticed/thought of that! Whew. Major trouble. So glad your man is great like that =)

    We got a ‘mere’ 10 inches over the last 36 hours. Not fun to dig the cars out of the parking lot, but nothing like you have!

  • We have a slate roof (and a stone house), so no matter how much snow is up there, it’s just not worth it to clear it off.

    We have massive icicles all over the house, so I worry a little bit about our gutters. But I think we’ll be fine. Go, Kris, though! That’s awesome!

  • WOW. Kris is a hero! Enough snow to crush a house… does not compute…

    I was thinking of you this morning when DH and I were discussing Snowpocalypse (there was a thin layer of frost on the windshield, you see. Don’t hate me). He had seen an interview with Maryland’s governor in which the reporter asked if y’all had enough snow plows, and the gov actually cracked up laughing.

    Stay warm and safe!

  • Amazing, isn’t it? I can’t believe Kris was able to get out a window with a shovel in that wind! Glad you’re both safe.

  • Wow. We didn’t get any — that stuck, at least. You got pounded. That’s a lot of snow. Kris is getting the workout of a lifetime! Time for a brand-new snowblower, methinks.

  • Oh my! That is an alarming amount of snow! I’m glad to hear he got the roof cleared and that you are safe. That must have been a lot of hard work. Hope you see some sunshine and warmer temperatures soon.

    Thank you for your kind comment over at List of the Day. It was much appreciated.