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Dear Universe

I have two things I’d like to discuss with you.

First, thank you so much for making such awesome people.  I just checked the CPA group on Ravelry, and the four skeins of Bugga! were sold for $450 in last night’s auction.  The week of auctions has raised over $22,000 in donations to various organizations working to help Haiti.  That’s right – TWENTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, just by a bunch of knitters.  Never let it be said that knitters don’t have power!

On a different, personal, first-world-problems whining note…

Could you stop fucking with my husband now?  Please?

Last Friday, he was driving home from getting a haircut when someone ran him off the road.  He wasn’t actually hit, but he was forced out of his lane and into a grass median.  This wouldn’t be a big issue, except that said median has posts in it, one of which damaged the front bumper of his car and took the driver’s-side mirror off. (Well, almost off, it’s hanging by one wire at the moment)  Now, this isn’t a HUGE issue, because we do have his Jeep as a backup, so we didn’t have to freak out about us both getting to work (You’ll notice this happens once I have a job and need to get to it, of course).

Last night, we were at our friends Rich and Mary’s house, hanging out with them and Roy.  We got home just after midnight.  We were upstairs getting ready for bed when the alarm on the Jeep went off.  This happens sometimes – it’s got a shock sensor that will set the alarm off if it gets bumped.  So, he went downstairs, unlocked the front door, and grabbed his keys to shut off the alarm.

That’s when he saw the glass.

Someone, within 20 minutes of our getting home, smashed the driver’s side window of the Jeep to steal the GPS off the dash.  So, there’s now glass all over the inside of the car and on the street where it was parked.  He called the police to report it, and now we’re trying to find a glass repair place that can fix it this weekend so that we aren’t down to one car for too long.  Because of course I’m going to the Easton studio on Monday for work, which means I can’t exactly take him to work and drop him off.

So, yeah, would the universe please leave my husband alone for a while?  He’s a little busy trying to juggle work and the show (which opens February 12!), and it would be nice if he wasn’t fighting with any other crap at the moment.

ETA: Happily, Kris did manage to track down a place that could replace his window, and Serenity is once again home with a driver’s side window in place.  Plus, we were able to drop off the Focus (he was so slammed at work last week that we didn’t have a chance), so it should be fixed within the week.  Still frustrating to deal with, but happily almost over.

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