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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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New Schtuff

So, yeah.  There’s new stuff going on around here.

First, Darling Hubby decided (after I handed him my camera to take a picture of the socks I had just finished for him) that I needed a new one.  So, he took it upon himself to find one for me.  And knowing me, he even found a green one.  😀


Isn’t it adorable?  It’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC FS7.  10 megapixels, AWESOME macro mode (one of the things my old one lacked), nice big LCD screen… and it’s a perfect emerald Elphaba green.  😀  Thanks, sweetheart!

Another new thing – a new WIP!  This is the Clementine Shawlette from Interweave Knits Spring 2007.  I picked up the yarn – Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca and Silk in Jade – when I went down to see Cristi for SAFF in ’07, and it’s been waiting for this ever since.


I’m about 2/3 of the way through it, knitting both ends at once, just because I know I won’t finish it if I do them separately.  Of course, I do have to kitchener them together, but we’ll tackle that when we get to it.


See what I mean about the macro?  It even has two – manual zoom and an autofocus macro.

And the third “new thing” (Those of you on FB and Twitter may have seen this)… I have a job. That’s right – after five and a half years as a homemaker, I am once again among the gainfully employed. I’m going to be working for a local indie yarn dyer, starting with stuff like hauling dyepots, rinsing and hanging yarn, and eventually learning to dye myself. I’ve met most of the women I’ll be working with, and they are awesome. It’s going to be hard work, but I think I’m really going to have fun. I’ll be working four days a week, so I may be scarce (um… scarcER) for a bit around the blog until I get into a groove with it.

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