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Addi (And yarn!) Destash

So, I have been cleaning up my craft room lately (It had gotten a bit away from me), and I realized that I have a fair stash of Addi Turbos (and a couple of Addi Lace) that I just don’t use anymore.  So, why have them gathering dust when someone might want them?

All needles have their original packaging, and they can be yours for the low price of $5 per needle – any size, length, or type – USPS postage included.  Email me at katydidknits at katydidknits dot com and let me know what you want, and I’ll sent you a Paypal invoice.  (US only, please.)

The Needles:

Addi Lace:

US3 (3.25mm) 24″ (60cm)

US5 (3.75mm) 24″ (60cm)

Addi Premium (same as Turbo, but as sold in Europe)

US0 (2.00mm) 32″ (80cm) – 2 avail 1 avail, 1 PENDING

US1 (2.50mm) 32″ (80cm) – 2 avail 1 avail, 1 PENDING

Addi Turbo

US1 (2.5mm) 40″ (100cm)

US2 (3.00mm) 32″ (80cm) – 2 avail 1 avail

US3 (3.25mm) 16″ (40cm)

US5 (3.75mm) 60″ (150cm) – PENDING

US6 (4.00mm) 24″ (60cm)

US6 (4.00mm) 32″ (80cm)

US6 (4.00mm) 60″ (150cm)

US8 (5.00mm) 24″ (60cm)

US8 (5.00mm) 32″ (80cm) – PENDING

US8 (5.00mm) 60″ (150mm) – PENDING

US9 (5.5mm) 32″ (80cm)

US10 (6.00mm) 32″ (80cm)

US10.5 (6.5mm) 24″ (60cm)

US11 (8.00mm) 32″ (80cm)

They are all first come, first served, so if you see something you need, jump on it!  I’ll mark them off here as soon as each is gone, so it should hopefully stay pretty accurate.

ETA: I’ve added some stuff to my Rav destash page, too.  I’m going to continue updating the stuff there, so if you spot something, let me know there or email me same as for the needles.

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