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Happy (Early) Birthday, Kir!

So, yeah, her birthday isn’t until the end of December (the 29th, specifically), but this just couldn’t wait.  So, here is the story of the project peeking out of the new project bag I showed you yesterday.

One of the women in my regular Barnes & Noble knitting group posted about a pattern in our Rav group.  I hadn’t seen it in person, but I took one look at the pattern and HAD to make it.  It’s called the Butterfly Forest Shawl.


I thought for about 3 seconds, and then knew – this needed to be for Kirsten.  She collects butterflies much like I collect dragonflies (although for different reasons).  I was debating what yarn to use, when Carol posted that SeaSilk works really well (that’s what she’s using for hers), and it hit me – I had some in my stash!  Better yet, the colorway was “Dragonfly”.  So, it would be a little of each of us.


I cast on Saturday while Kris and I had a movie marathon (Our copy of the new Star Trek, followed by Eagle Eye and Igor.  We have odd Netflix combos, sometimes.)  By the end of the movies, I was about a third of the way through the shawl.  I worked on it on Sunday and Monday, and finished up the last four rows yesterday (shortly after taking that picture).  I blocked it last night, and this morning, it was complete.

I love the butterflies along the edging.


So, my dear, darling, oldest friend in the world, here you are.  Happy birthday!  It will be on its way to you soon.

Oh, and Bezzie, so much for that silver-grey kick, huh?  😀

13 comments to Happy (Early) Birthday, Kir!

  • It’s lovely! What a lucky friend!

    P.S. Um, don’t you have everything in your stash? 😉

  • Kirsten

    I have alternated all day between speechless and effusion. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Love you!

  • It is gorgeous!! I love how the pattern is her and the colorway is you! Great gift!

  • wow(mouth hanging open)..Such a wonderful story too! I ? your photos!
    Lucky girl that Kirsten:)

  • Oooh that’s so pretty! Kirsten will love it I’m sure! (Although she might be saying “who you calling ‘old'”)

  • What a beautiful shawl. You’re so quick! As I can see from the comments, it’s appreciated. Yay.

  • Very nice! Cool new bag, too!

  • Ria

    That is absolutely stunning! Lucky friend!

  • What an awesome post! The new shawl partetn is fantastic, what is the yarn you used? Yay for the $$ raised for DWB. =DOMG M is killing me with her little smile and pirate outfit. I want to hug her!! <3!

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