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Overture, Curtain, Lights…

This is it, we’ll hit the heights.

And oh, what heights we’ll hit!

On with the show, this is it!

(Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers the old Bugs Bunny theme…)

Anyway, I’ve been a bit absent lately, being so busy with the show.  So, yes, we opened this past Friday night!  We had a GREAT opening night – the show went beautifully, and we had a wonderful audience.  They had tons of energy, and we just fed on that.  They laughed, they applauded, it was awesome.

We were actually talking about that backstage one night last week – one of the other women in the show was saying that she had friends who were at a show once and had some random woman come up to them at intermission and tell them they were laughing too loud (yes, it was a comedy) and that it was bothering her.  She seemed to think that when you are at a live performance, you should sit quietly and not make a sound.  FYI, this is NOT TRUE.  Actors LOVE to get feedback during a show – if something is funny, laugh.  (Now, of course, this doesn’t apply if you are laughing at something going WRONG – we’d prefer you don’t even acknowledge that.  :D)  If you are onstage and you have a responsive audience, the energy is just awesome.

OK, so, yeah – we had a terrific show, and then went out to celebrate.  (That’s the other thing – I’ve never met an actor who didn’t want to go out for food after a show, even if dinner was right before the show.)  We had fun, and everyone headed home.  Unfortunately, for one of the cast members, the fun of the night ended there.  Mike, our hilarious leading man, was getting out of his car when he was attacked by a group of seven guys.  They took his wallet and backpack, and pretty much beat the crap out of him. Fortunately, his jaw was not broken, and he didn’t have a concussion.  He’s pretty battered and bruised, and ended up doing the show with a handful of bandaids on his head.  I’m still impressed that he WANTED to do the show Saturday night, but he clearly believes in “the show must go on”.  He should be able to rest up this week, and hopefully be back to normal (well, as normal as an actor can be) for this weekend.

So, yeah, great opening, followed by one for the “some people suck” file.

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