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This’ll Take More Than Four Days

So, I’ll actually give you a WIP shot of this one.  😀

I started (finally) Tempest last week, after having the yarn in my stash for a year and a half.  I bought it at Maryland Sheep and Wool in 2008, right after the pattern was released.  I even wound it and took it with me to SeaSocks, figuring I might get it started.  Yeah, not so much.  😀

I’m moving fairly quickly through the back.  I’ve almost finished the small stripe section.

Picture 006

The yarn is Brooks Farm Ellie – a lovely thick-and-thin wool-silk blend.  It’s great to work with, and I really love the texture it’s giving me.   (This shot is a little glow-y.  The colors are accurate in the other picture)

Picture 008

Isn’t it pretty?  The striping is a little subtle, but I think it will read well once the sweater is done.  It should be good backstage knitting, which is perfect, since we got the set mostly built yesterday, and we had our first on-stage rehearsal last night.  Only 11 days until we open!!!

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