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Finishing Fool

Yup, that’s me.  I’ve got two more FO’s to show off, each of which took about 4 days to do.

Today, it’s my Milkweed Shawl.  I’ve been seeing this all over the place, and I just loved the combination of the garter stitch and simple lace, so I knew it would be mine.  The pattern is really well-written, and was very easy.

Picture 004

I picked up this yarn (Spud and Chloe Sweater in “Toast”) on my first trip to fibre space, fully planning to make Milkweed with it.  It’s a lovely soft cotton-superwash wool blend, and was very nice to work with.  It’s also a worsted weight, and as the pattern calls for fingering weight, I was obviously going to change that.  My thought was that if it worked in fingering to give a shawlette, the worsted would size it up enough to make it a full-sized shawl.

Ta da!  Success!

Picture 005

It’s soft and squishy, and since it’s a neutral color I think it will come in quite handy this fall to grab when I don’t need a full-on jacket, or as an option when I want a scarf this winter.

Oh, I picked up some more S&C yarn last night at fibre space (Amanda and I went down for a yarn and cheese tasting event – it was great!), which I’ll have to show you later.

15 comments to Finishing Fool

  • I like it. I like it a lot!

  • etcgirl

    Darling, you are ROCKING the long waves! Yum. The shawl is brill, too, and going in my Q for something squirshy and worsted. Isnt’ the Spud & Chloe line da bomb? We drooled really hard over it at TNNA – their esthetic and design sense is a perfect fit for the store – but their minimums meant we would have had to go huge into the line, and there’s no space at present. *le sigh* Maybe next year. (That didn’t stop me from getting mebbe a few colours of S&C Fine at the Knitter’s Fair, tho. 🙂


  • LOVE IT! I totally have to make this now. And your hair is getting so long!

  • amy

    Tasting yarn? Hmmm … sounds fuzzy. My LYS doesn’t carry S&C, probably for the same reason etcgirl described. But I’m dying to try it. Possibly after the self-imposed stash acquisition embargo?

  • Yay for shawls with worsted weight (I have 3 in progress) It’s awesome as well as your hair 😉

  • Ok, as much as I love the shawl, I am seriously coveting the hair. Oh my. Mine is all one length now and the underside curls fine, but not the top. I think you’ve convinced me to get layers!

  • Dude! Amy totally stole my joke!

    So, how’s life outside of yarn?

  • Oh man, not one, but TWO people wanted the joke I had in my head (I guess after all these years, hubby and I do think alike, huh?)

    I agree w/everyone on the beautiousness of your hair. 🙂 And, while I’m not really a crafty or knitted things kind of gal, I am absolutely loving this one! Well done, as usual!

  • Looks beautiful! I think I’ve decided what I’m knitting mine out of, so eventually I’ll have one too 😉

  • Ooo, pretty! It looks very nice on you too.

  • Jo

    I really like how simple that pattern is – I have not knit a shawl yet, but I can see that as being one I could try and not exceptionally fail at. And I have to say, shawl or not, you look fabulous 🙂

  • bezzie

    Believe it or not–you’re the first Milkweed I’ve seen! I’ve HEARD a lot of milkweed talk, but haven’t seen! Very nice! Now you need to make one out of a butter yellow color to match your toast.

  • It’s so lovely! And looks great on you.

  • Well now that is super lovely! And you’ve added another yarn to my must-try list, dammit.