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Coming Clean

So, JP posted his list the other day, and challenged me to do the same.  Fall tv season is upon us, so I share with you my planned tv watching for this season.  Generally, I don’t watch shows the night they actually air, because I’ve got rehearsals and stuff (and if I don’t, Kris does), so our DVR is our favorite toy.  🙂


How I Met Your Mother

The Big Bang Theory (ADORE this show – so excited that Jim Parsons got an Emmy nom!)

Dancing with the Stars

Castle (Mmmmm… Nathan Fillion goodness)


Dancing with the Stars – results show


NCIS: Los Angeles (Loved the crossover pilot on NCIS, so I’m excited to see how the series is)


Law & Order:SVU

Glee (My new addiction.  Hilarious, sweet, and so very familiar to me.)




The Mentalist (Mmmmm… Simon Baker goodness)


Law & Order


Wow.  You think we have a procedural crime drama addiction around here?  I don’t actually watch anything that airs on Saturdays or Sundays, although I’m thinking I might add Three Rivers to the lineup, if only to see if they even come close to getting my ‘Burgh right.  🙂

I already miss my summer shows like The Closer, Burn Notice, Psych, and Eureka, L&O: CI, In Plain Sight, and the newest additions to that list – Warehouse 13 and Royal Pains, even though some of them are not quite done yet.

*Edited to add the original NCIS, which I forgot to list last night, and In Plain Sight, which is one of my summer shows.  Gah.  I’m worse than I thought!

8 comments to Coming Clean

  • Amazingly I’ve never seen any of those. 12 years without a TV in the house can really put a damper on pop culture. Unfortunately I don’t think I get any more accomplished than the average TV watcher.

  • Well, I agree with you about Glee … (and LO:CI and The Closer). 🙂 I’m really looking forward to Glee because I’m hoping it will be one of the top 20 shows so I can finally watch one of those! I’m looking forward to The Office, Glee, Friday Night Lights, Medium, Eastwick and Cougar Town.

  • I so miss my DVR. *sigh* I LOVE Glee! It’s a great show. And I’m looking forward to DWTS too. And Gossip Girl. =) And HIMYM, and Big Bang Theory.

  • Holy cow. With the exception of 2 of your shows our tv show habits are identical. Tack on the original NCIS and Criminal Minds and I’m a happy tv watching girl.

  • amy

    We watched In Plain Sight. My favorite summer show is My Boys, but it was over by June! SO sad! I just got in to NCIS this summer (thank you, USA marathons!) and will definitely be watching this fall. Hmmm … perhaps I should do this just to make sure out DVRs can keep up!

  • Well, since so many of our TV shows are similar (love my crime dramas too!), I’m thinking maybe I should give NCIS a try!

  • I love The Closer and Burn Notice. But am very glad they’re (mostly) summer shows, they provide some much-needed good TV when nothing else is on!

    With you on CSI, Dollhouse, and Bones. Very happy they’re starting to run Season 4 of Bones on TNT now, too, so I can finally get completely caught up! Don’t give anything away! 😉

  • Speckel

    I’m a bit remiss to admit how many times I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of Glee on hulu (ps, the director’s cut of the pilot is on there; it’s 5 mins longer…not sure what the difference is as I haven’t watched the regular version). We’ve been catching up on The Closer (yay Netflix). Though it’s funny cause I watch a lot of the same shows (Burn Notice, Warehouse 13, and Dollhouse) but I watch them on hulu. Yay for a 24″ Imac. 😉