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Finding Balance

No, not me.  Pretty sure that’s beyond hope.  😀

The background: When we had the patio done last summer, they did exactly what they were supposed to do – they graded it so that rain wouldn’t pool against the house.  It drops about 4″ across the 12′ width of the patio.

This isn’t a problem, unless of course you plan to put a large container of water on it.  You know, like a hot tub.  Yeah.  Our hot tub has been tilted ever since it was delivered last June.  It meant that we couldn’t fill it quite properly – the uphill side was just barely to the neck jets while the downhill side was overflowing.  This weekend, though, that was remedied!

Kris and I spent Saturday afternoon building two 4’x8′ platforms and draining the hot tub, and on Sunday our very very dear friends Mary, Rich, Roy and Billy helped us get them under the hot tub.

I wish we had an extra person there with a videocamera, because it was an interesting process, to say the least.  There were several moments that we thought we might not get it to work.  Happily, thanks to some creative thinking and a lot of sweat from our friends, it’s in there.

Picture 004

(T’ain’t glamorous, but it works!)

We did have a little panicky moment Sunday night when we couldn’t get the second pump running, but it started working yesterday morning (probably just a little air in the pipes from moving it – it happened when it was first installed, too).  We tested it out in the afternoon, and then again with Mary and Rich last night, and it works like a champ.  And now that we can fill it all the way, it’s possible to be submerged right up to your chin, which is heavenly.

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