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How Cool Is This?

So, last spring, I did some test-crocheting for my friend Mary Beth Temple.  I was working on squares for a booklet she had written, to be published by Leisure Arts.  Fast forward to about a month ago, and MBT blogged that her book was out.  My (signed!) copy arrived while I was in Omaha.


See that afghan on the cover?  That’s the one I did!  Well, I did the squares – MBT assembled it and did the border.  Can I tell you what a neat feeling that is?

It’s a great booklet – crocheted afghans based on quilt square patterns!  And lest you think all crocheted afghans are in acrylic, the one I worked on was done in Cascade 220.  It’s got to be awesomely snuggly now that it’s assembled.  The book has 8 different patterns, plus a bunch of stitch pattern and block ideas, and a cd so you can design your own.  Congrats, Mary Beth, on a great booklet!

Oh, and I decided to go with the two-ply, since that was pretty much the overwhelming response.  I plyed it up last night while Kris was stuck at work (until midnight – ugh) to a soundtrack ot two old favorite movies – The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  (Why yes, I DO have a stash of “Movies for nights when Kris isn’t here”. :D)  I now have a very full bobbin.


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, especially because I wasn’t paying attention when I started and was plying my two S-twist singles with MORE S-twist.  Not so good.


I hadn’t gotten TOO far when I caught that, so I pulled it back off the bobbin and respun it going the right way, so it’s all fixed.

And yeah, you guys are probably right about the pattern.  I’m going to work on getting the pictures done and writing it up.  Of course, the earliest I can submit it is for the winter issue, so it’s going to be quite a while before you see it.  Thanks for pushing me not to chicken out.  🙂

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