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Oh, Right. The Shrug.

So, yeah, I finished up the black shrug the Sunday before the wedding (Yay for backstage knitting time!). I completely forgot I hadn’t posted about it.

I don’t remember how much I told you guys, so if I’m repeating myself, well, welcome to Kris’s world. 😀

I started out planning to do the pattern that LCharvon had suggested, using the BMFA Luscious Silk in “Raven”, but they just weren’t working well together.  Also, I was concerned that the yarn wasn’t black enough.  It really is more of a silver-grey, and that dress needed BLACK.  So, I poked around online and ended up ordering some Artyarns Regal Silk in black from FabulousYarn.com.  Great shop with great service, BTW.  I had ordered the Lacy Shrug pattern as a freebie with the yarn, and they accidentally sent me the wrong freebie pattern.  I emailed, and they sent me a pdf of the pattern within just a few hours.

I love the pattern, and I’m VERY happy with how it came out, but it is definitely NOT a beginner, hand-holding kind of pattern.  The instructions expect you to be able to read your knitting and make intelligent calls on what to do, so if you are the sort who isn’t comfortable unless every step is set out for you, I’d skip this one.

Kris and I, outside the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club before the reception:

Hubby and I

I’m very happy with how it fits, and I love the way it looks with the dress.  It was pretty much exactly what I was picturing.  Yay!

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