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Yarn Pr0n, er, Thursday Wednesday

Yeah, I haven’t done any YPF posts in forever.  I’m sure Cristi has booted me from the webring by now.  😀  But I’ve gotten a few new things that I wanted to show off.

First, if you are a Rockin’ Sock Club member and haven’t seen this yet, well, why the heck haven’t you opened your package yet?


The second shipment of this year’s club – “Gertrude Skein” (and yes, I pronounce it “SKYn” in my mind).  The moment I opened it, I was in love.  If you described it to me, I’d say it’s not at all my colors, but somehow they just WORK.  Gorgeous.  And as soon as I finish the socks I have OTN for Kris, the Rogue Roses are next.  (And don’t ask about Kris’s socks.  Ripping back as far as I did makes me cranky.)

Next, we have something I picked up at A Tangled Skein on the 4th.  They hosted a release party for “Pints and Purls“, the first book by the delightful Karida Collins (of Neighborhood Fiber Co.) and Libby Bruce (who I am sure is also delightful, but since I’ve never met her…).


I picked up my very own copy of the book, along with one for a certain Floridian who I blame for getting me hooked on Karida’s yarns to start with.  🙂  The skein up top is some Studio Sock in “1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”, a colorway I checked out at the Homespun Yarn Party, but didn’t buy and regretted it.  😀  The two skeins at the bottom are Penthouse Spun Silk in “Tenley Circle”.  There is a gorgeous cowl in the book that calls for the silk, and this color just called to me.  So, it will be mine, probably along with several other projects from it.

Today, before I left to swim, my mailman dropped off a box from Blue Moon Fiber Arts for me.  I was a very restrained girl, and I waited until I got home to open it.  I was greeted by two skeins of their Luscious Silk in “Shadow”, which will become the “Lacy Shrug” by Cheryl Beckerich to go with the dress for the wedding.


I’ve got one month to knit it (the wedding is May 16th).  Think I’ll make it?  I hope so…

There were also two big, beautiful hanks of the Luscious Single Silk (50-50 wool-merino) in “Star Sapphire” just, um, because.


Can you blame me?  It’s 1000 yards of gorgeousness.  I’m sure I’ll come up with something worthy of it.  I’m leaning toward something lacy, and I’m open to suggestion.  🙂

(Ahem, yes, I fixed the post title.  I was originally going to post-date this so it published tomorrow (you know, THURSDAY, but I forgot/changed my mind by the time I was done writing it.)

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