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New Goodies!

Today, we have a combination of things that have come into my life – stuff from Etsy and some stuff I made.  It’s all about needle wrangling today.  😀

First – Etsy.  I’ve determined that my new Twitter habit is very, VERY dangerous.  People like to tweet about awesome stuff they find on Etsy.  Since I’m not usually an Etsy browser (I go when I’m looking for something specific), this shows me things I wouldn’t otherwise find.

Exhibit A: Stellar Babble Creations‘ DPN cases.


Beautiful little sleeves that hold multiple sets of DPNs, with a coordinating clear vinyl zippered case to hold them all.  Each of the sleeves is labeled with US and metric sizes, and holds DPNs up to 7″ long.  The green and purple sets are sock sets – US0-3, including 1.5 and 2.5.  The green one holds my Harmony DPNs and the purple holds my nickel KnitPicks DPNs.  The multicolored print set is one of the hat and mitten sets.  The 5 sleeves are for US5-8, with the buyer’s choice as to whether the 5th sleeve is labeled for a US4 or a US9 (I went with the 4).  Those are my nickel KP needles, which are 8″ long and don’t quite fit in the sleeves.  They do, however, fit in the zippered case, so I’m ok with them sticking out of the sleeves.  They are beautifully made, and I absolutely love them.

Exhibit B: Flower Pie Circular Needle Cases.


OK, so, technically, I found these on my own.  But I blame having cute DPN cases for creating the itch for cute circular needle cases for my KP fixed circs.  These cases come with 12 pockets, but one of the nice thing she offers is that she’ll add another page to the center of the case, for an additional 4 pockets.  There was a small mixup on mine (she missed the message that I wanted the extra page in each of them), but once the pages get here and I sew them in, I’m thinking of using printable iron-ons to label the pockets with the needle size and length.  Haven’t fully decided yet, though.

So, with my new DPN and circular cases in my hands, I decided that I needed a new case for my KP Options.  I figured, hey, I have a sewing machine, I have plenty of fat quarters, I can come up with something!  So, I came up with this:


It’s not quite right.  It’s a little too big and unwieldy.  I was hoping for something I could put in my knitting bag.  This doesn’t roll up quite right.  I do like the snaps I put in to hold the cables, though – those will stick around for the next iteration of the case, which will happen when I have a little more time.

Speaking of time, yeah, it’s a little short right now.  Not only am I still working on the LazyMan (update to that to follow), I’ve also been recruited to help with PGLT’s upcoming production of “Alice in Wonderland”.  The director is a friend I met during “Laughter on the 23rd Floor,” and she is a bit stuck.  She’s short a soldier for the second weekend of the show, so I agreed to step in.  I’ve been at rehearsal this week, and it’s been fun.  It’s not a big role, mostly moving scenery around, but the cast is great, and it’s fun to be on stage even a little bit.  It has certainly whetted the appetite for next season’s auditions!

Oh, and yes, the laptop survived the surgery just fine.  I haven’t noticed any more skipped v’s, so I think the problem is solved for now.  😀

12 comments to New Goodies!

  • Sunnyknitter

    Arrgh! Another etsy site bookmarked. I may wait and see what your next iteration looks like though, I’m kind of liking that idea too.

  • I think your Options case looks great! Now I need to go home and hug my Bass Pro bait binder so I don’t give in and order some of those dpn cases….

  • Did you blog 3 times in 1 day or am I going crazy? Cus my google reader is catching it all today.

  • I’ve been eyeing her dpn kits too! They are fabulous! Neat circular book too. Hey, the iron on is cool and easy to do. You could do some neat fonts. Great job on your interchangeable case too! I love the colors. Hmmm trying to think on how you could fold it easier too, as I’m thinking you are just rolling it up and tying it.

  • Oh, you’re leading me into temptation! Since I was just going through needles, doing the “which size are you” dance, I really want the dpn holders!

  • Your case still looks lovely, in any case. I like the fabric designs. Must pick up some of those fat quarters when these are on sale . . .

    I made myself a circ needle case using Butterick 2006. Came out okay, even though I’m not quite satisfied with how I cut out the fabric (I find it hard to maintain a straight line and I need to get one of those rulers with a handle so I can safely use the rotary cutter – don’t want to risk slicing open my finger again!).

  • You and Cristi gonna make me broke before MDSW if you keep posting these nice goodies!!

  • Damn you ….. I think I have a DPN case in my future now 🙁

  • I loved the look into your kitchen! It’s alayws so fun to see someone in their element. I’m a little embarrassed of my kitchen, myself! It’s small and dark and too narrow for two people to comfortably work in it, but we make due with what we have! I keep reminding myself that one day, I’ll look back at the years I’ve lived in this apartment, and the meals I’ve made in my kitchen, and smile from ear to ear.

  • The bruleed citurs reminds me of my Grandma’s broiled grape fruit in the mornings. She always could pick the most juicy and sweet grape fruit. By far my favorite part about winter. Ooooh honey cardamom yogurt. Why haven’t I thought of that? Sounds fancier than my honey and cinnamon yogurt I’ll have to give that one a go! Man, now I’m craving a broiled grape fruit!

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