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A Little Help?

So, we have two friends who are getting married next month (Yay!). I found a really cute dress yesterday while Yorkie and I were terrorizing the Annapolis Mall. I can’t find a picture of it on the Torrid website (of course), but it’s white with a big blue floral print, and black accents (kinda Katy Perry/pinup-y style). So, I have the dress, I have the shoes (black peeptoe heels – VERY cute)., Now what I’m trying to decide is what to wear with it. I think I’m going to need either a shrug or a shawl, both for weather and for just general propriety for the church portion.

So, thoughts? Suggestions for patterns? I’m figuring black, possibly silk if I can find it, and I’d prefer something in the DK to worsted range, just for speed purposes. And of course lace is always good. 😀

Fire away, my knittas!

Oh, and thank you for the encouragement on the LazyMan!  I did a mile on the treadmill this (Wednesday) morning, 4 miles on the bike, and 7 laps in the pool.  So, if I keep up that pace, I need to walk and bike daily, and swim three days a week to make my goal.  Totally do-able, I think.  I hope.  😀  Thank goodness for the hot tub – that helped a LOT with the sore arms tonight.

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  • Hot Lava shrug? Anthropologie-inspired capelet? Shimmer shrug from Knitty? Carol’s Clever Little Shawl? Shawl-backed shrug? You can find all of these in my queue on Rav except Shimmer, which is in the Knitty archives under “wraps”. I tried posting with the URLs but my comment was rejected because of having too many hyperlinks. Good luck! I’m knitting my first Clapotis for my cousin’s wedding in May.

  • I say you put that dress on and model it for us so we can see it and make a better suggestion. 😉

  • I agree, we need a modeled shot! But if it matches, I suggest that you get some Sundara yarn Aran Silky Merino in Cobalt over Mediterranean. (Can I do a linky? Here: http://www.sundarayarn.com/store/home.php?cat=4079) Then make yourself a Shetland Triangle or something like that. It would be quick and gorgeous and warm and fucking fabulous. Could you settle for anything less? 🙂

  • amanda

    GO YOU, IronWeasel!

    I think I need to see the dress, too, but from your description, I think black is a good idea.

    And red lipstick. Definitely red lipstick. 🙂

  • How’s about the ever simple cast on odd number of stitches, k2tog yo to the end, knit the last stitch. Repeat til long enough. Easy, yet it makes a really nice fabric and you can wear it as a wrap or a thick scarf.

  • I’m with tg/cg – we need a modeled shot! But off the cuff, how ’bout the Sweet Pea Shawl from the Happy Hooker? a) It’ll look great in black; b) it’s crochet so it’ll go faster; c) the stitch pattern will go fabulously with a floral print; d) it looks like Inara’s shawl in “Trash” (when she calls everyone idiots/dupes in the kitchen); and e) I’m planning to hook it in a black DK weight yarn later this year and if you do it first, I’ll get a sneak preview. 😀

  • Depends on the neckline… if it’s strappy, I suggest a shrug. If it’s a halter or sweetheart, I suggest a rectangular stole. In both cases, I’d go pretty simple, so the fabric of your dress can make a statement.

    Wow… look… I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about!

  • Sounds like your public is demanding a photoshoot!

    I applaud you finding something on your shopping mission. When I MUST find something for an event, nothing fits. When I’m broke and just window shopping, everything fits.

  • amy

    Shetland Triangle. Super easy. We’re having a KAL at my LYS and even the beginners are making quick progress. Someone in my knitting group picked this as her Ravelympics project and was finished by SUNDAY. The 10th. As in 48 hours after she started it. It’s crazy fast and can easily do a heavier yarn.

  • Wen

    My preference is for a shawl for a wedding. Shetland triangle, Ene’s scarf maybe?

  • roxy

    Annapolis Mall? And you chicas didn’t stop by to see me?


    Do you have time for the Flower Basket shawl? That’s one of my favorite patterns 🙂