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So, I finished up most of the border of the Swallowtail Shawl at the first Book Club meeting at Large Marge’s on Friday evening, and then did the bindoff yesterday.  Today?

She soaks…


And then she dries!


It ended up about 52″ across the top and 28″ down the center, and I’m hoping I won’t lose toooo much of that size when I unpin it.  I’m so spoiled by the humongousness of my STR Charlotte’s Web that everything else feels kinda small by comparison.  I’m quite happy with how it looks, and I really love the colors.  This is a great colorway – it doesn’t have that very prevalent Noro trend of pretty color-pretty color-pretty color-utter and complete ass color-pretty color…  I ended up using about half of the second skein I picked up last week, so I would have been really peeved if I hadn’t been able to find it.  🙂

Oh, and thank you all for the words of commiseration and encouragement on the biking adventure. I appreciate that it’s something a lot of people enjoy, but this was far beyond just me being out of shape – I was really, really terrified – and that was the same whether we were on the bike path along the road or through the little bit of woods.  There are enough other options out there for workouts that I have no problem with the idea of never getting on a bike again.  In fact, it’s rather appealing to me.  Plus, the bike was a loaner from Mary’s neighbor, so it’s not like I bought it and it will sit there judging me if I don’t ride again.  We have a stationary recumbent bike, and if I can find a space for it in the living room (it’s in the garage at the moment), I may start doing a little of that to break up the walking.

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