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If you have no interest in my weight issues, click on by.  There’s no knitting here today, and I won’t be insulted.  Might try to post some WIP shots this weekend, though.  🙂

So, remember the Fitness-a-Long thing I was doing last spring? Yeah… neither do any of us who were in on it.  We all kind of let it fall by the wayside.

However, something changed for me recently.  I’ve been staying involved with the theatre Kris and I worked with on “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” last winter and volunteered to be a part of the play selection committee for next season.  In doing so, I realized something.  If I don’t do something about this weight, I am really limiting myself in the kind of roles I can realistically audition for.  I don’t want to always play the fat funny friend.  I’d like to still be able to audition for a leading role without having people laugh at me, you know?

So, after a whiny status post on Facebook (which got some interesting responses…), I’m getting off my ass.  I’ve started using SparkPeople to track my caloric intake and exercise.  In the (almost) two weeks since I started, I’ve lost about 3 pounds!  I’m also hanging with the LSG Anti-Lard Alliance on Rav, which is fun.  They’ve got a March Madness challenge going – trying to be down 8 pounds by the end of the month.  So, we’ll see how that goes.  At least I’ve got three down so far!

In addition to my weekly yoga class, which I still love and which completely kicked my ASS last night, Kris and I set up a little something:


That’s right.  I’ve got a treadmill desk.  I’m walking three days a week, trying to do at least a mile each day while reading the knittyboard, Ravelry, and blogs, and checking in on Facebook.  It’s actually pretty easy to get used to.  We do need to adjust the keyboard shelf a little, though – I need to angle it so that my wrists aren’t bothered by it.  Shouldn’t be hard to do, though.

Otherwise, I’m playing with the WiiFit again (trying to do at least a little bit of that every day), and I picked up a copy of “My Fitness Coach“.  I’ve done that every day this week (M-F, anyway.  I’m taking weekends off from workouts), and it’s kicking my butt in the best way.  It’s like a variable workout video – the workout changes every time, and you can tell it how a section felt so that it will adjust the difficulty level.  Plus, it gives you a focus for each day (cardio, flexibility, strength, etc.), which is cool.

Anyway, that’s where I am.

19 comments to Boring Personal Diet and Fitness-y Stuff

  • That is freaking cool!! Blogs just might be able to make exercise tolerable (for me at least!). 🙂

  • A treadmill desk! I love it.

  • Mag

    Good luck and keep at it. It’ll be important when you get older like me too. I can’t explain why without TMI, but trust me. You guys! You know you get ‘Royal Geek’ status for having a compu-treadmill, don’t you? 😉

    Don’t think I didn’t notice the whole wheat pasta and 2% cheese in the recipe either! Good on ya.

    (I quit dairy this month in an attempt to stop the inflammation processes that age the body quicker and create auto-immune disease problems. I am working myself up to a full on anti-inflammatory diet. My biggest gripe? No margarine, at all.)

  • Treadmill desk, awesome! And three pounds in two weeks, double awesome! I myself need to get my thuttocks in gear, planning to hit the yoga studio tomorrow morning. Thanks for the motivation! 🙂

  • I haven’t weighed in two weeks, as I know I was bad last week and was out of town Saturday. but tomorrow back on track with the weekly weigh-ins. Today it is SIXTY so I can walk outside, hallelujah! I just don’t like heading to the gym, ugh. But I work out with that game 4 times a week. The yoga is fun. My only gripe is, she talks you through a Sun Salutation 1 (for example) and then you do it 2-3 times more in silence. Now, I could remember all the steps, but it would help if she would tell you when to switch. ugh. Otherwise, that game ROCKS. So glad you got it!

  • Ah, the Fitness-A-Long. Wasn’t it last year around this time – just as the weather started getting nice – that we all were thinking about this? Something about winter = hibernation.
    You know I’m proud of you for doing this – whatever works for you, do it and keep doing it!

    And if all else fails, I’ll bring you my flu. It’s good for a coupla pounds. 😀

  • Jo

    I remember… I was the last person to write on the blog! I tried convincing my boss we needed a treadmill desk a few weeks back.

  • I so need to get back on WW. I’ll start running again this weekend. I swear it!

  • You could SO patent that treadmill desk idea.

  • Bravo!!! When I don’t want to exercise but know I need to, I walk really slow on the treadmill and …shh! knit (something easy)! After about 10 minutes, I figure what the hell and put the knitting down and boost up the speed. It sooooo helps me get going!! I bet the computer/blog reading has the same effect!!!!!

    I’m with you! I’ve been doing WW hardcore since January…its not easy, but I’m going in the right direction!!! You can do it!!! And these posts aren’t boring!

  • I’m on Sparkpeople, too. I am totally jealous of the treadmill desk! We have a bowflex that can be used as a rowing machine, but there’s no real way to browse the web while rowing! (It takes two hands…) I’m about to start week 5 of the couch to 5k program, too… and I’ve been having loads of fun with that. It feels good to feel good, right?

  • Ohhh. Oh wow. That treadmill desk is something I *must* look into.

  • Oh my, I’m a part of the fitness a long. I think I started forgetting about it because it no longer got updated in my reader. I believe my last recording on it I was around 155 lbs. I’m at 128 now.

    That treadmill is awesome!

  • becky

    I am so proud of you. You and I really need to inspire each other and loose this weight!!!I am also glad to hear that you are starting to get involved in theatre again because I would love to come down as see you in your next play. Keep motivated!!

  • Yorkie

    Now here’s what ya need to do: hook it up so the lap top is powered by the treadmill. Have you heard about that? I read an article about a lady who did it in her office for about two weeks, then finally said, THAT’S IT…I CAN TAKE NO MORE.

    Good going on the weight loss. Believe me, I know how tough it is. This last year I lost 30 pounds and a LOT of inches. I have to work out every day. Those of us with PCOS and pokey metabolisms have to work twice as hard for half the victory. Believe me, I know how much it sucketh.

  • Coolness, neat computread!! Good for you!

  • Treadmill desk is an awesome idea! Congrats on the pound lose! I’ll have to see if I can rig up something and use blog reading as incentive.

  • K should patent the desk or something…he could probably make them. I smell a million dollar idea. Congrats on the weight loss. You go! Perhaps the Fitness-along needs some reviving for the rest of us…

  • Mary

    Hey Pam:

    Just read the post and I think this is great! Congratulations on the weight loss and I love the treadmill desk! I had a realization during “Laughter on the 23rd Floor”: (1) that I felt like crap all the time because I wasn’t getting any exercise and (2) Jeff asked me if I needed help carrying a 2×4 at strike because he said I looked like I was struggling and I was struggling.
    So, I’m taking a yoga class in Silver Spring and going to the gym about three to four days a week. Rich got me the WiiFit for my b-day. It’s tough to maintain the exercise but I’m determined to stay healthy!