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This Cake is (sort of ) a Lie

So, my friend Kashmir Knitter over on the Knittyboards posted this link the other day.  A discussion ensued, including the logistics and likelihood of success in making it oneself.  KK insisted that fondant was actually quite easy to work with, and even posted a link to a recipe to make it oneself from marshmallows.

So I thought… what the hell.  Why not go for it and give it a shot, right?  Well, my dear friend Alice decided that she wanted to make the truffles too, and her daughter wanted in on the action, so we decided to get together today and make them.  I made the fondant the other day – it was WAY fun, and really not at all hard to do.  Just very, very messy.  😀  This morning, I rolled out the fondant and made the box:


I was starting to get really psyched about it, because that came out well.  Alice and Cashin came over around 11am, and we got started mashing the other cake bits together with frosting and making the balls to cover in chocolate.

Red velvet cake and frosting looks… gory.


After a sushi/Chinese food break while the balls firmed up in the freezer, we started covering and decorating. After about three hours, we had a LOT of cake truffles.


Yeah.  A LOT.

Once we put them into the candy papers, Alice and Cashin took these home to their boys:


And I had this waiting for Kris (along with a plate of these cookies from the same site as the candy box cake):


He loved it.  And once he realized that I made the “candy” AND that the box was a cake, he was even more impressed.  I’m SO proud of myself.  They came out even prettier than I hoped.
Well, most of them did.  We dubbed these few the “Island of Misfit Toys”:


Still tasted just fine, though.


Oh, and if you are wondering, Kris’s Valentine’s Day gift for me?  A bottle of really good tawny port.  Which we’ll be cracking open tonight.  What can I say?  He knows me.  😀

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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