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FO Parade

So, we’re in Vegas at the moment.  Currently, I’m sitting on the bed watching Law & Order on TNT while Kris snores next to me.  Poor thing has picked up a cold/sinus infection, and he’s been just wiped out for the last two days.  Lovely timing, no?

We’ve been here since Friday night.  In the airport before we left, I cast on for Rosi G’s Scrunchable cowl, using something I’ve never used before – my own handspun.  It was kind of awesome to get to knit with yarn I’d spun myself – I need to do that more.  Anyway, after a 5 hour flight, followed by a Saturday evening hanging out with my parents, my brother, and my brother’s friends watching UFC at his friend TJ’s house, I finished it!  I still need to get a modeled picture, but for now…


Sunday, we spent the afternoon at my brother’s house watching the Steeler game.  I was working on my Eye of Partridge shawl, but I hit a snag.  I got off-pattern somewhere (seriously, how do you get off pattern on freaking EOP?!?), tried to rip back to fix it and, well… it’s now a ball of yarn again.  The silk was just to slippery to rip back.  So, now it’s in time out until I figure out what I’m going to do with it.  Unfortunately, that meant I no longer had a project for the plane ride home.

Happily, I did get out yesterday to find the LYS – Gail Knits.  It’s a cute shop.  A little heavy on the high-end novelty yarns for my tastes, but I found some O-Wool Balance and some Cascade 220 Tweed that I really liked.  Between last night and this afternoon, I finished up two hats – the first is a gift for Tom’s roommate Talker (they all have nicknames – Talker, Frat Boy, Three Pair, Broccoli… I figure it’s better not to ask).  I decided he needed a little something for letting us invade his house to watch the football game, since he’s not at all a football guy.


It’s Weezalana‘s Lucky 7 hat in O-Wool Balance in “Graphite” – took me less than a skein!  It’s an awesome pattern, too.  Well-written, and fun to knit.

This hat (which I just finished) is also in O-Wool Balance, in “Lapis”.  It’s for TJ, since he was nice enough to invite Kris and I over to watch UFC having never even met us.


The pattern is called Claudia, by MJ over at exartstudent.  Another great pattern – I love the lattice detail along the bottom.  I’m turning into a hat junkie – I finished one up for Kris last week before we left.  It’s in his jacket pocket at the moment, but hopefully I’ll get a shot of him wearing it soon.

Next, I have to decide what to make with this:


That’s the Cascade 220 I picked up at Gail Knits.  I’m considering a Hemlock Ring Blanket, but I just can’t decide if it’s worth it for me to knit a wool blanket to live in the house of too many furry beasts.

I’ve also got some of the O-Wool Balance in green for me, but I’m giving myself a little break from it.  It’s nice yarn, but the cotton was giving my wrists a little grief after two straight days of knitting with it.


Pretty, though, isn’t it?

15 comments to FO Parade

  • The cowl is gorgeous!! Good for you knitting up your handspun finally 😉 Nice hats! Hehe..A wore her Lucky7 today, I agree a great pattern. Bummer about your shawl though. Have a good rest of your trip!

  • Not a (american) football fan, but i AM a fan of that lattice hat (Claudia?). Beautiful. Must fave that on Rav if I can.

  • Beautiful job on all three FOs! And EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I wasn’t expecting to see my pat! I’m so giddy! 🙂

  • Gotta love vacations. You can knit the entire time and people just think it’s cool. Awesome hats!

  • Mag

    Love the hats. I have two great hats made from the odd ball of good stuff I found at Gail’s. In the Las Vegas group on Rav, there is this constant argument about Gail’s. “Gail’s Sucks” vs. “I LOVE Gaul!” Both sides are right. Gail has a core group of true believers and she herself can be extremely helpful if you catch her on a ‘good’ day. The yarn is what it is. I don’t go there. The new shop on the east side is just as bad with the ‘you’re not welcome’ vibe, but they do have $50 skeins of Artyarns beaded silk/mohair.
    That cold virus this year is nasty, it is still hanging on and kicking our butts. I hope Kris gets well soon.

  • Mag

    I love Gaul too but I meant to say “I love Gail”, not me personally but you know. 😉
    I have a migraine. I shouldn’t be typing.

  • amy

    Those are all looking great! What a productive few days … wow! I have a sweater’s worth of O-Wool Balance spread over two colors. Apparently, there are lots of stripes in my future! 🙂

  • Love the cowl!! So pretty! All of the projects and yarn are gorgeous! Hope hubby feels better soon!

  • bezzie

    Did you bring an extra suitcase??? Owool is pretty yard-y isn’t it?

  • All those things turned out great! I love the cowl. How can you not like knititng with handspun!

  • amanda

    Busy busy in Vegas!!

  • I’ve been on a hat kick too. I’ll have to try those!

  • I’ve been to Gail Knits. Shane and I went to Vegas for our honeymoon, and on the last day there, I made him drive me out to the shop (he was going to make me go by myself, but I guilted him into driving me: “What if your new bride gets into a deadly car accident on the strip – wouldn’t you feel horrible?” hehe). You’re right. It does have a few too many novelty yarns. But still a cute store.

    Great hats!

  • Ooh, nice! You’re really on a roll, aren’t you?

    Isn’t it fun to look at yarn and ponder what it wants to be?

  • yarnkarma

    Love the FO’s including your hair! And you make me feel better about my EOP shawl…I get off pattern more than I like to admit and thought it was just me.