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Opening Night

Thank you all for the good wishes – the show went FANTASTICALLY well last night.  The audience was great – responsive, energetic, exactly what the cast needed for the first time in front of people.  I’m still floating!  I forgot my camera last night, but I’m going to try to bring it tonight and get some pictures of the set and the cast.

And as if the time and energy wasn’t enough to put into the show, Kris made an additional sacrifice:


(He’s going to kill me for posting that…)

Yes – he shaved the front of his head.  His character is supposed to be balding and with hair plugs, so he shaved and draws the “plugs” in with makeup each night.  Once we close next weekend, he’ll just shave it all off and start fresh.  Because nothing is better in January than an entirely bald head.  Good thing he has a lovely wife who has knit him a few hats, eh?

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