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It’s Done!

No, not the sweater.  Carmelo’s still got about 6 inches of sleeve left to go.  I finished up the handspun I showed you the other day!




Isn’t it purty?  It’s very soft, too.  And I think it’s fairly well balanced!  Yay!  It’s drying now after a nice soak in Kookaburra.  There are still some uneven spots, but I still sort of assume those will happen.  I’m hoping I’ll learn to avoid those, but for now… it screams handspun.  😀

Details – Cloverleaf Farms Merino in “Rose Quartz”, 2 4oz. braids, resulting in 262 yards, 223g/7.875oz. at about 13WPI.  I only lost 1/8 oz!  A record for me!  This is the first official handspun from poor neglected Zaphod, and I’m really happy with it.  I did have to use Elphaba to ply it, because I wanted to use the jumbo flyer, which I don’t have for Zaphod yet (although Dave does make them now…).

7 comments to It’s Done!

  • w00t! It looks gorgeous!

  • Mag

    Very pretty color. I don’t know squat about spinning, but I know what I like in a yarn, merino and purple being high up on the ‘yay’ list. 🙂

  • bezzie

    If it was too perfect it wouldn’t be handspunny enough! I love it! I love the fatty-bobbins my wheel came with. I don’t know how peeps live w/out them!

  • They are not “uneven spots” – it’s called “feature”.
    And it’s all te difference between industrial yarn and handspun. Why spin yourself if you need shelflike yarn?
    It’s geourgeous! I love how you managed to keep it “fluffy”!

  • Very purdy. I can’t wait to see what wonderful thing you knit it up to be.

    The uneven spots are cool – call them “addins” or “extras” or “character” or “flair” or “purposely places nubbies” or something equally silly.

    I love it.

  • ooo… pretty. Looks like you could just wrap it ’round your neck as is and be perfectly happy with it that way.