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Y’all Crack Me Up.

Seriously.  Ok, first, thank you for the lovely compliments on the sweater – I adore it, and Kris is really thrilled with it.  Bonus – he wore it all day yesterday, and so far, no pilling!  Yay!  And Yorkie, I must correct you a bit – I saw him first, my dear.  But I’m sure he’s still blushing at being fought over.  😉

As for the stripes… do you people not know me at ALL?  The stripes match perfectly because it’s knit in the round!  No seaming!  No worrying about matching them up!  Simple as can be.  You do a provisional cast on that is where the shoulder seam would be and knit the back section from the neck about 1/3 of the way down the armholes.  Hold those stitches.  Then, you pick up from the provisional and work the left and right fronts to the same point (Remember – set-in sleeve, so the edges are straight and where they would normally be).  Once you reach that point, you pick up stitches along the left armhole edge, work across the back, pick up for the right armhole, work the right front, cast on for the center neck (depending on what sort of collar you want), work across the left front, et voila!  Top-down, set-in sleeves in the round.  All you do is increase on the sleeve sides of the sleeve-body connections (what would be the raglan increases in a top-down raglan), and you get perfectly matching stripes, no seaming required.

And if that makes no sense, seriously – pick up “Knitting from the Top“.  It’s brilliant.

In other news, I am about 25% of the way through Carmelo.  The Malabrigo is knitting up beautifully.  So much so that I’m even not ready to poke my eyes out over the interminable 1×1 ribbing.  Because yes, the entire thing is 1×1 ribbing.  This was poor planning on my part.


(The bottom edge is the left cuff edge of the sleeve.  It’s knit cuff-to-cuff.  And no, I’m not going to discuss what that particular arrangement kinda looks like, thank you very much.)

I have learned a new thing on this project, and I’m practicing my Continental knitting, though, so that’s fun.  I learned to do a tubular cast-on, and OMG is it pretty.  I used TECHknitter‘s method, and it was super-easy to follow, so I’m hoping the coordinating bindoff is as easy.  Even though I’m not looking forward to the grafting part.  Kitchener stitch = still my knitting Achilles’ heel.

But still – is pretty! (Although the color is way off in this one – the others are closer)


And tubular-y!


9 comments to Y’all Crack Me Up.

  • Good lord, you are haulin’ ass on Carmelo! LOL! It is knitting up just beautifully, I love the ever-so-slight variegation…and I’ll bet the fact that it’s Mmmmmmmalibrigo makes it a soft and yummy knit. I have no doubt you’ll have it done by the end of the month at the rate you’re going!!

  • All that 1×1 rib might make me want to do something more nefarious than knitting with those needles. All that stuff on Kris’s sweater sounds greek to me, but after hearing five people rave about it in the same two-week period, I now have “Knitting from the Top” as part of my personal library. A top-down sweater by yours truly is stretching on the practice court waiting to get in the game.

  • Have you ever really looked at the Dodge Ram logo? I’m just sayin’.

    Those colors are lovely. 🙂

  • You are a knitting machine, woman!

  • Nice! But wtf is Carmelo? Did I miss something? I know I’m way behind on blogs. Apparently there was an FO posted recently! Nice! I’m off to catch up.

  • Looking good! Don’t envy you the 1 x 1 rib though.

  • excellent choice for a cast on! and beautifully done

  • Yorkie

    What, do you knit in your sleep? Seriously. This is insane.

    And you might be interested to know that 1×1 ribbing is punishment for shoplifting in some countries. I’m just saying.

  • How do you do this so fast? I’m still on the first sock…