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No, not me – iTunes.  Have you iTunes users played with this at all yet?  I just started today.  I’ve had the new version for a while, but my verrrrrrry sloooooooow laptop was annoying me.  I went and got more memory for it, and things are moving much faster, which makes me happy.  It also means that starting up iTunes doesn’t slow the thing to an utter crawl.  I’ve done two playlists so far – one based on Abba’s “Dancing Queen”, and one based on John Barrowman’s version of “You’re So Vain”, and they’ve both been great mixes.  I’m a playlist junkie, so I can see me using this a lot, especially since I’m trying not to watch as much tv during the day any more.

In other news, the NaKniSweMo sweater continues to move along.  I split off the sleeves today.


I’ve got plenty of work ahead of me, though.  Somehow I don’t think Kris is up for a cap-sleeved crop top…

And under the heading of “opposite of genius”, I’m an idiot.  Why wasn’t I carrying the yarns along the inside between stripes instead of cutting every time and starting a new piece?  Because now, I’ve got this facing me:


Ugh.  I AM now carrying the yarns, so at least that’s not going to continue for the rest of the sweater.  I’d have to cry.

It looks like the Big Giant Tree‘s days may finally be numbered, by the way.  We’ve been waiting since SEPTEMBER for the guys to finally get to us.  We were hopeful last week – they were in our neighbor’s yard.  Then they skipped to the other side of the street.  Gah.  Today, however, they were in the yard on the other side of us, and actually made it into our yard to take out a tree that was rooted in his yard but leans over the fence into ours.


See him?  Waaaaay up top?  I’m pretty sure there isn’t enough money in the world to get ME up there.

I took that from the second floor of our house, and I got a decent one of the BGT, just to give you an idea of how REALLY big it is.


OK.  The house behind it?  Two stories, on the same level as the ground the tree is on (there is a little slope down from the tree toward our house, right across our backyard).  The tree is easily 3-4 times the height of that house.  I couldn’t quite get the top in the picture, but that’s most of it.  It’s going to take these guys a week just to get that tree out.

I had an election-related post bouncing around my head today, but honestly, I don’t have the energy for the whole thing.  All I will say is this brief version – neither gloating nor whining is an attractive form of behavior in a three-year old.  It’s even less so in an adult.  Also, it’s not a football game.  He didn’t “win” – he was elected, which means it’s not over – the work is JUST STARTING.  Everyone who is acting like the work is done… to me that’s like interviewing for a job, being hired, and then saying “Yay, I did it!  Nothing more to do!”  My personal policy is never to discuss politics or religion with friends I intend to keep, so please note right now that this is NOT a topic I’m going to debate in the comments.  My blog, my opinion.  I don’t expect anyone to agree with it.

Incidentally, last night’s post with the comic strip was my 500th.  I knew it was coming up, and I was sort of thinking of doing something big and introspective for it, but somehow I think that comic was more me.  Especially since I didn’t even catch that it was #500 until this morning.

13 comments to Genius

  • Thank you for your comment about politics. I agree. I know it doesn’t matter that I do, but I do. ;o)

  • Mag

    Ditto here and am done with the subject.

    Sweater looking great. I do believe you will finish it with time to spare.

  • bezzie

    Nah you don’t live south enough for Kris to be able to pull off a sleeveless crop top.

  • Hear hear on the political angle… I agree.

    Sweater looks fab…really good progress.
    Yay on 500th bloggy post too – congrats!


  • BONFIRE!!!!!! 🙂

    Oh yeah – make sure you let me know when they start-a-chopin’. I’m going to grab some of that wood if you don’t mind. Man I wish I had a pickup. My poor ‘ol daddy-van can’t take much more of this.

  • Yay 500!

    I’ve been playing with Genius a bit, too. I was suspicious at first, but now I get it… trouble is that it can’t match a lot of the stuff in my iTunes to anything!

  • SarahJanet

    I looooove the Genius suggestions, but it is getting expensive! Everything it recommends for me, I want! Grr.

  • Gaaahh!!! Scary loose-ends monster!!!!!!!

  • Happy 500th! And I LOVE Genius…I haven’t downloaded a list yet, but I’ve been playing with the samples. I’m guessing I’ll be getting one (or 10) soon…

  • Happy 500th! Impressive progress on the sweater and I definitely have to side with your viewpoint on the whole election thing. I’ll be strangely glad for the next celebrity scandal to distract us all from politics for a while.

  • That sweater is looking good.

  • I think I’ve missed every one of my blog milestones. Sheesh.

  • Yorkie

    Dude, are you gonna have something made with all that wood?? Seems like you could get a really nice dining room table or a hope chest or SOMETHING outta it. Maybe some wooden knitting needles you could sell on Etsy!