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Halloween 2008

OK, Halloween is about my favorite holiday of the entire year. Seriously – it’s theatre-geek heaven. 😀 This year, we went to two parties – one at Alex’s house on Friday night, and one at JMac’s on Saturday. Kris didn’t take his camera to JMac’s, but he got some pictures Friday night of the costumes, as well as some of the food I made. First up, the food:

Candy sushi, with chocolate “soy” sauce:


(Fruit roll-ups, Rice Krispie treats, and Twizzlers)

More candy sushi, Swedish Fish variation:


(Just Swedish Fish and Rice Krispie Treats)

And the artsy-fartsy shot, just for fun:


And the costumes…

Irene, as a geisha:


Check out her face paint!  It was so gorgeous.  She’s starting a business doing facepainting, and she’s got a good shot at doing well with it, I think.

Jaime as (let me see if I get this right) “Daniel Jackson if he was a girl and stole Cameron’s hat and Shepard’s jacket” AKA random Stargate crew member.  😀


Kris as Captain Hammer, in the “These? Are not the hammer.” pose.


(Doesn’t he look adorable? I mean, I know I’m biased, but come on!)

Me, as a Captain Hammer groupie:


The nametag says “Captain Hammer – *I* do the weird stuff!”  And I think I’ve got the “scary groupie facial expression down pretty well in that one…

Captain Hammer with his groupie:


Carrie as Columbina:


And yes, she made that costume.  Not the mask, but the blouse, corset, AND skirt.

Alex as Billy, with Kris as Captain Hammer:


The original plan was for Alex to be Dr. Horrible, but he and Carrie had trouble finding the right kind of lab coat, so he went for the secret identity version instead.

Marc, as a stereotypical Frenchman.


Funnier because Marc is, in fact French.  And way fun.

And finally, Matt as the Nile river turning to blood.

My creation

Very cool costume idea, I must say. (And there are non-cropped pictures in my Flickr set. I couldn’t get them centered better with the mosaic maker)

So, yes, Halloween was lots of fun.  And now, it’s November, which means one thing:


Heaven help me.

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