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Alton Brown is a F’in Genius

Anyone who has talked food and/or cooking with me is likely to know about my MASSIVE geek crush on Alton Brown.  I’m still kicking myself that I’ve missed opportunities to see him in person in DC TWICE now.

Anyway, I used to watch Food Network ALL the time.  Nowadays, the only never-miss for me is “Good Eats”.  Seriously – I have a season pass for it on the DVR.  Last night, there was a new episode, and it may be the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen.  They should re-run it this week, if you are a fan and missed it.  Summary – he did a Sweeney Todd spoof.  It’s too funny, but it really must be seen to be believed.

So, yes.  This has cemented my undying love for Alton Brown, my Food God and Geek Crush.

In other news, check out this link Kris sent me from the FAILblog.  There are no words.  And now, the world knows that this guy is a total moron who doesn’t even BEGIN to understand basic concepts.  Wow.

17 comments to Alton Brown is a F’in Genius

  • Heh. I knew Alton in high school and beyond. Lost touch about 20 years ago. He has always been a geek about things, very dramatic and edgy.

    Will have to check out that episode.

  • I told you you HAD HAD HAD to watch it.

  • Hugeness

    Oh my God.

  • I LOVED the fail blog entry this morning!

  • Still have a thing for AB… ahh, a man who can cook…

    Re: FAILblog — yeesh.

  • I love watching Alton Brown, but I feel like half of his recipes never work for me. I sometimes thinks he gets too technical for his own good when writing recipes. His Luftwaffles are great, though!

  • Mag

    That ‘insight’ into drought has got to be a joke. File that under “WTH?”

    I agree about Alton. I’ve never forgotten the show he did about tea.

  • I knew I liked you for a reason…our shared love for a certain geeky chef.
    I had to read that failblog entry a couple times before it really dawned on me what he was trying to say. Didn’t know people could be that dumb.

    Fail indeed!
    @$$hat, that guy *shakes head*

    Alton Brown = Da Man. My buddy Chad tapes all of his shows and was saying the same thing about last night’s as well – I’m going to have to catch it on the rerun but I am pretty sure I know where you are coming from.

  • AB got me through my first year of culinary school. His Chicken Pot Pie recipe is my hubby’s fave. Love AB!

  • bezzie

    Ok, I will say AB is entertaining and a majority of what he says is true. But I think he can be a little “you gotta follow the science rules or it won’t work” a little too much for everything for my taste (ha ha!). People have been cooking ever since Og tripped over a rock and his mammoth drumstick landed on the fire…no one is going to die if you don’t sift the flour.

  • I have a horrible crush on him, too. Whenever we go down to visit my Dad, I totally have an eye out whenever I hit Kroger’s or Harry’s. I still get a kick out of seeing my local stores from down there on TV, LOL.

    I didn’t see last night’s episode (sick in bed) and I haven’t migrated Good Eats over to the DVR from TiVo. Sigh. I’ll bet it was great….

  • Jo

    We love Good Eats, too – Andrew, Willow and I watch it together all the time 🙂

  • Sherry W

    Ha! Great Fail!

    Try Alton’s Fried Chicken from the funny ‘fry some more’ episode!

  • That fail post made me think of this video, which I’m sure you’ve all seen…


  • Clearly he didn’t pay attention during his high school science class.

  • The Drought Guy, that is.