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Wild and Wet Weekend

Earlier this week, Carrie invited me to go with her to the Navy-SMU game on Saturday.  I’ve never been to a Navy game before, and OMG.  I had SO MUCH FUN.  First of all, the members of her dad’s class are all very cool and really friendly.  Plus, they know from food.  😀  It was raining off and on during the pre-game tailgate, but between the tent and hiding in the car, we did ok.  We went in just in time to catch the end of the Mids doing the walk-on.  If you’ve never seen it, they all march onto the field and stand in formation before the game.  It’s a pretty impressive sight to see.  Plus, I now know how to identify what year a Mid is based on the stripes on their uniforms.  (C’s dad translated for me.  It’s handy hanging out with an alum!)

The first half of the game was AWESOME.  It was 27-0 Navy at the end of the half.  I was looking forward to seeing the Drum and Bugle Corps march, so when it started POURING a few minutes before the end of the first half, I asked Carrie if she minded staying to watch.  We headed out to the car when they were done, and helped with the last little bit of breaking down the tent and stuff from the tailgate.  We all kind of looked at each other and decided that it was just raining TOO hard, so we bailed on the rest of the game.  We had been invited to the house of one of C’s dad’s classmates, so we headed there and listened to the end of the game on the radio.  SMU did eventually score, but since it still ended up 34-7 Navy, I think I’m allowed back.  I figured if they had lost, I might have been banned.  We’ve even been invited to the Army-Navy party, which is quite the event from what I’ve heard.  😀

I got back to the house just in time for Kirsten, Lionel, and Caleb to get here.  They left home Friday night, and stopped in Fredericksburg before coming here to sleep.  We spent yesterday just hanging out and relaxing – I think they probably needed a day off from the road.  Right now, Kir is helping Caleb with his homework, and Lionel is going through some pictures on his computer.  (Yes, Kir and I both married photographers.  They bond over camera gadgets the way a lot of us knitters bond over Malabrigo and Manos.)  I believe they are headed up to Mark’s house today to spend the day with the family, doing what they can to help.  It’s been rough, but so far Kir seems to be holding up pretty well.  Thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers you have sent for them.  I really do think it has helped.  (Oh, and Nikk?  I passed on the hug, and yes, it’s the same Amy you think it is.  I’ll make sure Kir lets her know we are both thinking of her as well.)

As for me, I’ll probably have an exciting day of grocery shopping and laundry before Kris and I head to rehearsal tonight.  Did I mention that he’s going to be doing an Irish accent for the show?  He was a little reluctant at first, because he thought he sounded like a bad version of Lucky, but it’s actually really good.  When Mary heard it, she decided he should keep it.  🙂  Personally, I’m a fan.  I think he should practice it at home.  😉  Oh, and the Mystery Stole is still progressing, as is the EOP shawl.  I’ll get pictures again one of these days.

7 comments to Wild and Wet Weekend

  • Hey, I texted everyone that I had an extra ticket for Homecoming, which ultimately went to waste 🙁
    Glad you had fun though – Navy games are fantastic & the alumni definitely know how to tailgate 😀

    I’m happy to hear that Kir & Co. made it safely to Chez Trillian – they are in good hands. Hope all is well this week, sending out many hugs to you guys.

    ~xo A

  • thatfarmgirl

    Ugh, I had two tickets go to waste…I was too sick to attend. We sponsor a mid…you should, too!

  • Hugeness

    You didn’t tell me that Navy was playing ME! I would have been rooting against you then.

  • Go Navy!! Wait…is that what they say? I dunno. I just cheer for them blindly given my present affiliation. I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL though….WOOT!

  • bezzie

    Dude, Navy’s been kicking some ass this year. I feel for academy coaches–they don’t really get to recruit like other college coaches–they have to work with what they get!

  • Sounds fun! I myself root for the Navy, since my father worked for Navy as a civilian. I suspect hubby will be cheering on Army as a vet.

  • Does Kris know that dudes with accents are ridiculously sexy? I think that would make any man want to keep it! 😉