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Welcome Visitors, Unwelcome Reason

So, Kirsten* calls me yesterday morning.  She and I don’t actually talk on the phone that much any more (not like when we were kids… hoo boy), so when the phone rang and it was here, I figured something was up.  I was right.

She was calling to tell me that her cousin Mark, a police officer in Frederick, MD, had been killed in a car accident Wednesday night while trying to stop a suspected drunk driver.  The guy apparently refused to stop, and so Mark had to chase him.  They are still reconstructing what happened, but dispatch lost contact with him, and a few minutes later the backup officers found his car in a wooded area.

Mark’s younger sister is the same age as Kir and I, and is how we originally met.  Amy and I had known each other from fourth grade on, and I met Kir at Amy’s birthday party in 6th grade.

Kir and her husband and son (Alex’s older brother) are driving out here tomorrow and will be staying with us for a couple of days, doing what they can to help his family.

Please, take a few minutes today to say a prayer for Mark’s wife and three kids and the rest of his family as they try to deal with this tragedy.

*Kirsten as in Alex‘s mother, my best friend for rapidly approaching 25 years now.

10 comments to Welcome Visitors, Unwelcome Reason

  • My prayers are with Kirsten’s family during this tragedy. You too, Pam.

  • They’re in my thoughts…. 🙁

  • I will be thinking of them today. You are a wonderful person to take them in and help where you can!

  • How awful– such a sad story.

  • whichendisup

    My heart and thoughts go out to all of you. I wish the universe would stop testing you all for a bit. *hugs*

  • Many prayers for Kir & Mark’s family & for you too. This is terrible, senseless loss. I feel very strongly about drunk driving and this is exactly why there needs to be more accountability & stiffer penalties for those @$$holes who have no respect for life & law enforcement.
    Pam, you totally rock for being an ad hoc guardian angel to Kir’s family – they are in good hands.

    *BIG HUGS*

  • thatfarmgirl

    I am so very sorry.

  • Jo

    I’m so sorry to hear this happened 🙁

  • I’m so sorry. I’ll be keeping them in my prayers.

  • *sigh*

    I sure do know car accidents.


    First please pass a long awaited “hello” followed by a loooooong lasting hugg overflowing with love and support to Kirsten.

    And is this the same Amy that I knew and used to tag along following you two with things like horse sticker books and such? If so… please send out even more love and support.

    Oh heck… I’m gonna go sit in a corner somewhere and just focus out a lot of l&s, and peaceful energy for the entire family.

    I’m lighting a candle tonight.