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Just… wow.  I don’t know what to say.  I posted on Monday as a vent – a mental purge, if you will – and really didn’t expect anything in the way of response.  What I got was an amazing outpouring of care and concern that really touched me.  You guys are amazing.  And I promise, I am taking care of myself.  I’m still going to yoga on Thursdays, and am trying to find some other activities during the week, plus I’m keeping busy with the show.  But thank you, all of you, for being there.

In happier news, we did get work done on the porch on Monday, although not without our usual snafus.  We got the asphalt felt all rolled out and stapled down, juuuuuuust short on one corner, of course. We needed a third roll to cover the last (I kid you not) three feet.  Then Kris hauled the tarpaper/shingle stuff up onto the roof.  (Yes, I was up there too.  I stayed away from the edge, but I did it.)  We rolled it out along the bottom edge, and that was when he realized his mistake.  He miscalculated a bit on how much a roll would cover.  We bought one roll.  It got us this far:


(It’s hard to get a good angle on it, but it’s the lighter stripe at the bottom edge of the roof)

Yeah.  Not so much with the “enough”.  So, while he went to Home Depot to pick up four (!) more rolls, plus more asphalt felt, I worked on getting one of the yard lights up.  I got partway through that before he got back, at which point, it was back to the roof.  I’m pretty proud of myself – I nailed most of the tarpaper up there myself while Kris was hauling the rolls up the steps and laying them out.


Once the tarpaper was all in place, we finished up hanging the first light.  (Please ignore the crap strewn about the yard)


We would have done both, but it gets dark too early, so we ran out of time.  So, this coming weekend, we tar the edges of the tarpaper (I keep calling it that, but I’m not sure that’s right.  It’s like one big shingle, instead of individual ones) so that it doesn’t get caught by the wind if we have a storm, we hang the other light, and hopefully we start tackling the screens.

If we keep this up, we might actually have a porch by winter!  😀

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