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Raise the Roof

It’s not just a song by one of my favorite groups, it’s what happened here this weekend!  Big, BIG thanks to JMac and Scott, who helped Kris get the plywood up on the porch roof.  For most of that time, I was having lunch with an old college friend, with Kris’s approval.  Probably mostly because I am useless when it comes to roof work – acrophobic AND utterly without upper-body strength to help with hauling plywood up ladders.


The boys, hard at work (JMac had to leave before I had the camera out)


Look! It’s a ROOF!


Funny guy, that Scott, eh?

Today was… less successful. We went to Home Depot to get the rest of what we needed to do the following:

  1. Put 2x4s along the side edges of the roof
  2. Put flashing along all sides of the roof
  3. Put asphalt felt on the roof
  4. Put tarpaper on the roof
  5. Mount the new ceiling fan over the table
  6. Mount the two motion-sensor lights on the outside of the porch for the yard

How did that go?

  1. Got the 2×4’s up
  2. Got the flashing up
  3. The staple gun we bought for the felt?  Was on a rack with the WRONG size staples.  So, we had no staples
  4. Since we couldn’t put the felt down, we couldn’t do the tar paper
  5. Finished this at 9PM
  6. Have to put up soffits on the side and front of the porch so we can mount the lights

So, yeah. Long, irritating, frustrating day. Got a couple of pictures, though.


Flashin… UR doin it wrong. (Sorry for the lolspeak. It’s been one of those days.)


The new fan.  Note the difference in the available light from the previous picture…


The fan, with the table. 🙂

We are hoping that we can get the felt and the tarpaper up tomorrow afternoon when Kris gets home from work, so the roof is watertight.  If we don’t make some progress on it, I may brave the height just to throw myself from it.  *sigh*

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