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Later, I Was a Hippie.

And let me tell you, THAT thrilled my mother.  She’s the original anti-hippie.  She has made the statement on more than one occasion that everything wrong with this country can be traced to the hippies.  I’m sure she wonders sometimes how she ended up with me as a daughter.  😀

So, yeah.  August of 1997.  A very special month.  I was in a production of “Hair” at the Academy, and started rehearsals for “Damn Yankees” at the Meadville Community Theatre.  Those of you with good memories (or ridiculous obsessions with every detail of my thrilling life) will remember that “Damn Yankees” was the show where I met my soul mate and future husband.  He never did come to see me in “Hair”, though.  🙂
So, “Aquarius” – still one of my favorite songs from the show. I loved it.

And “What A Piece of Work Is Man.”  Gotta love Shakespeare set to music.

My co-angel may look a little familiar.  That’s Tim – he played Joseph.  So, yeah – he’s the one whose clothes I ripped off as Mrs. Potiphar.  Also, he was my off-stage trumpeter when I was Mazeppa.  Like I said before – loyal group of people.  And yes, that’s a wig I’m wearing.  My hair hasn’t been that long since college.

So, that is my little trip down memory lane.  I promise I’ll stop torturing you all now and get back to the fibery stuff you are used to.  😀

2 comments to Later, I Was a Hippie.

  • Magatha

    Sounds like your Mom and I would get along!
    These videos are hilarious and scary. I am so glad I did not grow up in the video taped generation. I would be petrified to observe my ‘speeches’ for student government or my appalling performances in talent shows. The things I think I would like to see again are the design contest/fashion show that I won or the dance contest that I won. Those things loom all sparkly in my memory.
    Um, hey maybe you know this but, uh, YOU CAN SING! I mean really. You need a band, if you don’t have one already. You should sing for a living.
    I loved Rizzo, BTW.

  • These posts are so fun!! I’m loving watching them. 🙂