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Brace Yourselves

I’ve been transferring some old videos to dvd, and as such, I’m taking a serious trip down memory lane.  So, I’ve decided to share this trip with all of you.  Aren’t you lucky!

Today, we’re back at my high school.  This first clip is from April of 1989 – my sophomore year.  The school musical that year was Bye Bye Birdie, and through some weird happenings, I ended up being cast as Kim.  This was my very first number in the show.  And I even change clothes onstage while singing!

“How Lovely to Be a Woman”:

Oh, and Kir?  No smartass comments, missy.  You’re on that video too, don’t forget.  😉

Junior year, we did Anything Goes.  I LOVED that show.  We had such fun, and the guy I played opposite was a real sweetie.  There was some major crap going on during that time, and the musical was a nice distraction.  I’ve got two clips from that show.  The first is “DeLovely”, which was my first foray into any form of ballroom dance:

And second is “Easy to Love”, which holds the distinction of being my very first stage kiss:

I hope this wasn’t TOO torturous for those of you who watched the clips, because there will be more of them in the upcoming days.  Consider yourselves warned.  😉

ETA – YouTube links will be back as soon as I re-rip the scenes.  I think the videos were too big, and they were screwing up when streaming them.

ETA2 – OK, looks like I have them working.  Had to dial down the video quality a bit is all.  🙂

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