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Frenchy Shoulder Bag

I’m feeling a little better today – no sore throat, but I’m still stuffy.  Stupid cold.  Just annoying.

This morning was my first guide class for the Bernina – I had a lot of fun, and I definitely learned some nice tricks with my machine.  So, of course I came home and had to sew.  Immediately.  I cut out the brown and white polka dot fabrics to make the larger size Amy Butler Frenchy Bag.  A few hours later, we have this:


Isn’t it cute?  The brown is a nice deep chocolate color.  I’ve got the sushi handbag one up there for scale – it’s a nice sized bag.  I think it will be a great combo purse/knitting bag if I want to take a small project with me.

The lining is a teeny tiny polka dot print:


The flash washed out the color on that one, but you can see the inner pockets, which are in the smaller size, too.  I’ve got fabric to make one more shoulder bag, and then I’ve got some ideas bouncing around.  🙂

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