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Mystery Stole Update

First of all, thank you for your lovely comments on the Simply Knitting thing.  I am thrilled beyond belief.  And if you are looking for it (in the US), remember that it’s the October issue, so we probably won’t see it for another couple of weeks.  My copy came directly from the editor I was emailing.  I might pick up another copy and keep it wrapped for posterity, though.

And I promise, I won’t let this go to my head.  No “posse”, no “entourage”, no “handlers”.  Still just me.  😀

Today, clue #3 for the Mystery Stole was released.  I finished up clue #2 on one end at knitting yesterday, and got the other one started, but only got a few rows done.  So, as of this morning, it was here:


Obligatory closeup of the pattern:


(And for the record, no, the rug is not that obnoxiously bright.  Believe it or not, that’s a non-flash picture, too.)

I originally planned to finish the other end with clue #2 before starting clue 3, but I’m too impatient.  So, after a day spent on the couch nursing a lovely cold (ick), I finished one end of clue 3 a little bit ago.  So, now it looks like this:


(That’s a MUCH better representation of the rug color, although the yarn looks less grey in person.  You can see more of the multicolored-ness of the beads, though.)

This clue had no beads, so even though it had about twice the rows as the previous ones, it moved pretty quickly.  And I still love the way it looks.  I can’t wait to find out the theme – I have no clue what it is going to be.

And yes, I know today is International Talk Like Pirate Day.  As I am feeling a bit under the weather (see above re: nursing a cold) and am saving my energy for my Bernina guide class (AKA Get to know your new sewing machine) tomorrow morning, my entire contribution to the observance is watching POTC2: Dead Man’s Chest on USA Network.  Kris, however, was a better pirate.  He wore his socks today:


Yes, those are the very ones that appeared in the magazine.  Two years later, and a little covered in cat hair at the moment, but it speaks well for Lorna’s Laces that they still look good!

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