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The Obsession Continues

So, yesterday I dragged Kris up to JoAnn Fabrics to pick out some stuff to make myself a yoga mat bag.  I figure, if I’m taking yoga class, I should have a stylish way to carry my mat to and fro, right?  Kris found this adorable dragonfly print fabric, and I turned it into this:


The pattern is Amy Butler’s free Nigella Yoga Bag pattern – very easy to follow, and turned out really cute.  It’s lined in a bright green polka-dot print.

Last night, I cut out these pieces:


And today, I turned them into this (The black and white kanji print is the lining and pockets – Kris picked that out, too):


An Amy Butler Frenchy Bag (the handbag size – the pattern also has a shoulder bag size).  The pattern was a gift from my blogless friend Mindy, and the sushi print fabric was a gift from Amanda, so this bag makes me smile on many levels.  Thanks girls!

What’s next?  Aside from continuing to work on the Mystery Stole and the lace gloves, I’ll be tackling these piles:


And turning them into two Frenchy shoulder bags.  😀

Oh, and Maryanne and I will be making a trip up to Fabric Chest in Glen Burnie on Wednesday.  If all goes well, I might have my birthday present when we get back.

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