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What a Simple Meme Can Do

So, I posted that song title meme, and this is what has been wrought:


See, I’ve been a Billy Joel fan since I was a kid.  Specifically, since the “An Innocent Man” era.  I listened to that and “Greatest Hits Vol I and II” about a billion times.  Eventually, I amassed all of his albums on cassette.  (This was back in the pre-cd days, obviously.)  Well, when I was doing the meme, I realized that Kris and I have a surprising lack of Billy Joel in our music collection, despite both being fans.  So, I started looking on Amazon to see about getting the full collection back again, including the “My Lives” box set that I’ve been looking at for about 3 years now. (And if any of you is as obsessive a fan as I am, the missing ones  are the ones we did in fact already have.)

And now, I have it.  So, I’ll be importing it into iTunes for the rest of the evening.

Thank you all for your kind words on my sewing projects.  They are lots of fun, and I might just keep making them.  Who knows, maybe there will be an Etsy shop in my future.  Either that, or everyone I know is going to end up with one whether they want it or not.

4 comments to What a Simple Meme Can Do

  • Good for you!! Let’s see if I can name the ones that are missing from the picture: 52nd Street, The Bridge, and River of Dreams. Right? I think I’m going to have to have myself a little Billy Joel fest with the iPod at work tomorrow.

  • amy

    Billy Joel is on my list of “drop anything to see” artists. It has three spots. Don’t make me pick a favorite.

    I had totally forgotten about “Vienna” until it was used in 13 Going On 30 and I fell in love all over again. I bought River of Dreams in Johnstown on the same trip where I fell in love with my (then-new) career. Good times …

  • Awesome collection. “Innocent Man” and “Glass Houses” were the soundtrack of my childhood. My mom was a huge fan and now, so am I. I remember being about 4 years old and my favorite song, which I knew by heart, was “Christie Lee”. Rock on, Billy Joel.

  • heh. I enjoy quite a bit of Billy Joel as well. When I worked at the grocery store, Saturday afternoons were generally him and Elton John. Crazy how different times have different soundtracks