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Mystery Stole KAL 4!

And so it begins!  Clue #1 came out yesterday, and I finished it up a few minutes ago, after a relaxing Friday night watching “A Fish Called Wanda” and a morning of Kris playing BioShock.


And before you tell me I’m moving fast, someone in the MS4 Ravelry group was done yesterday afternoon.

Here is a closeup of the center beaded section:


I love the way the multicolored beads are working out.  I wasn’t sure if they would be a problem, but they look really cool.  I’m picking them completely by random, so there is no rhyme or reason to the color arrangement.

Here’s one of the lace motifs, too:


From what we’ve been told, this will have mostly symmetrical ends and be grafted (EEP!) together in the center.  They will differ at some point in the middle, I’m guessing so that we graft not at the exact center of the stole, but off to one side or the other.  As such, I’m going to start working on the other end today, planning on having both done before clue #2 comes out next Friday.

Also, since my mailman just came by, my Mystery Stole has a new home!  I saw on Amby’s blog that she had come up with a design for a lace-specific project bag.  So, I am now the proud owner of my very own Gabrielle Lace Keeper!


And yes, it is currently stuffed to busting with the GIANT ball of Lisa Souza fingering weight I’m using for the Mystery Stole.
And because her bags are freaking ADDICTIVE, I picked up one of her Lily Totes for those days when my big sushi-themed Hannah Tote is a little too much.


Thanks, Amby – I love them!  And I know all of you will love them too – go check out her shop!

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