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Ok, not quite.  But we’re almost there!


Since Hanna and Ike are making their way toward us this weekend, Kris and I decided we’d better get a move on and get the rest of the rafters up.  Wednesday and last night we finished up the wall panels, and then tonight we put up the last 8 rafters.


If the weather passes fairly quickly, this is what awaits us on Sunday:


The plywood that will form the roof.  Anyone feel like coming over to help haul it up there?  😀

Oh, and in bloggy news, you may notice that all posts now have a comment timeout on them.  This was a suggestion from EvilScienceChick, and since I installed the plugin, I have had ONE spam comment.  ONE.  ESC RULES.  And as I told her the other day, I am officially nominating her for sainthood, because the anti-spam options were making me nuts.  So, she is now to be known as Saint EvilScienceChick, Patron Saint of Spam-Hating-Bloggers.  🙂  I got to meet her at SAFF last year, and she’s TOTALLY cool, and another transplanted Pittsburgher, so I’d love her to death even if she hadn’t saved me from the evil spammers.  But she did, so now she’s St. ESC.

6 comments to Roooooooof!

  • Steve

    My back would loooooove to come help haul the plywood up there on Sunday but gosh darn it, we have prior commitments. Maybe next time. 🙂

  • I would come up to help, but as I am a saint, I am off to mission in Nigeria, to rehabilitate, by force, some email spammers there.

    aye, this call can be a difficult cross to bear, but as I am a Saint, I do it gladly 😉

  • Progress!

    And I’m jealous… that’s the perfect gaming space. Add some dice, D&D books and a couple of bags of potato chips, and I’m there.

  • bezzie

    Hanna’s supposed to be really fast, so I think you’ll be able to get to it by at least Sunday. I’m at least planning my outdoor stuff for Sunday not Saturday and it will clear you before it clears us!

  • Well since I’m useless in the lifting dept, sorry, as much as I’d love to! Hoping you get some good help soon 🙂 Looking good though!