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Decisions. I Think.

So, yeah, I am a Libra.  We are notoriously indecisive.  But, I think I have some decisions made in preparation for Mystery Stole 4.  I did MS3 last year, and had a blast (not to mention ending up with a gorgeous stole to boot), so when Melanie opened up signups for this year, I was all over it.  If you are interested, you’ve got until September 12 to sign up, but the first clue comes out this Friday, 9/5.

So, anyway, I brought a bunch of laceweight and bead options to DuClaw to get opinions from Amanda and Carrie a while back (pre-Ravelympics), and we all pretty much decided that my Lisa Souza fingering weight merino in “Blue Spruce” was the best choice.  (I picked this up at my first Stitches East, in Nov. 2006.)


Ain’t it purty?  We had 90% decided on one particular mix of beads, but since I was trying to decide needle size anyway, I decided to swatch with all three of the mixes I liked best and see how they worked with the yarn. Left to right,that’s Aqua Mist, Grey Diamonds, and Coffee Latte.  Amanda and I were strongly leaning toward the Grey Diamonds mix, because we thought it would make a nice contrast, but I was also curious to see how the Coffee Latte mix looked.


On the swatch, top to bottom, this is Aqua Mist beads and a US2/3mm needle, Coffee Latte beads and a US2/2.75mm needle, and Grey Diamonds beads and a US3/3.25mm needle:



Grey Diamonds beads:


Coffee Latte beads:


Aqua Mist beads:


I’m REALLY glad I swatched, because I am not thrilled with how the Grey Diamonds looks. They are really hard to see. I love the colors in the Coffee Latte, but I think the matte finish of the beads gets lost against the yarn. I am really happy with the way the Aqua Mist looks, though, so I’m going with that. I’m also going with the smallest needle (in the Coffee Latte section of the swatch) – I think that has the best look in the fabric.

So, now, I wait for clue #1 on Friday!

And now, off to the porch to do some work on the walls.  We’re hoping we might be able to tackle the roof this weekend.

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