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Hot, Sweaty, and Dirty

Which is not nearly as enticing as it sounds, really.  But, we have major progress on the porch!

As of lunchtime, we were here:

2008 08 26 001

(Tell me why it is that in four-ish hours with five people on Sunday, we managed to get exactly 4 joists rafters up, but the two of us managed to get up TEN of them in about 3 hours today, just us.  Bizarre.)

And as of 5:00 (Quitting time, don’t ya know) we were here:

2008 08 26 003

Well, ok, in the interest of full disclosure, we were really here:

2008 08 26 004

We got 6 of the 11 bottom panels done (and yes, for those who have asked, the top half of the walls will be screens.  Keep those dang mosquitoes away from me while I’m in my hot tub!), and then we sorta ran out of the screws we were using.  Plus, 5:00, pooped, and need to get showered before trivia.

We did make enough progress that we could move the table and chairs back out of the yard, though:

2008 08 26 002

(Please ignore the stains on that far right panel.  This is what happens when you leave T1-11 out under a tree and you have crazy squirrels in your yard who throw walnuts from your neighbor’s tree onto the wood.  Guess we now know what color stain we’ll be using…

One final shot from the side.  You can kind of pretend it looks done, if we were doing a pergola instead of a roof.  😀

2008 08 26 005

Obviously, the ends of the joists rafters will be considerably shorter once the roof is on. It’s about a 4′ overhang right now, and we’re going to cut them off at about 18-24″.

I’m so psyched at how this is looking!  Plus, there are significantly smaller piles of lumber in my backyard now.  Yay!

ETA:  Apparently, although the metal brackets are “joist hangers”, what we have are in fact rafters.  I have been informed that “Joists hold up the floor, rafters hold up the roof.”  Duly noted, smartypants.

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