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Holy crap.

Did you guys WATCH that 4×100 Freestyle Relay? What a race!

See, what you probably don’t know about me is that when I was a kid (erm… junior high-ish), I swam. I won’t say competetively, because I was never very good. I had pretty decent form, but I was just not very fast. I LOVED meets. I love watching and screaming and cheering for my teammates. It was all I could do last night not to bounce up and down and cheer while I was watching, but since I was in bed and Kris was asleep, I opted to stay quiet. 😀 Jason Lezak was AMAZING. I swear, it was like watching someone hit a turbo boost button in that last 25-30 meters.

ETA:  Broadcasters, please.  “Alain” is prounounced Al-ahn, not Al-ayne.  It’s French.  Sheesh.

My heart did break a bit for Katie Hoff, though. She swam such a beautiful race, and then just to be out-touched at the end. Gah.

In other news, thank you all for your smart thoughts yesterday! We are going to finals next week! It was a pretty good game until the final question. We were tied for second after the first half, and were in second before the final question, but we missed the last one and ended up in 5th. They take the top 5 from each of the two semifinal rounds, so we did still make it in. And I got two more motifs done while we were there, so I’m up to 32 of the 82 done. Today should be a bit more productive, so I’m hoping to be well past the halfway point by tonight.

3 comments to Holy crap.

  • bezzie

    Swim to the ocean!
    Swim to the sea!
    Swim like a sperm–
    To the ovary!

    Yeah I didn’t swim, but I hung out with swimmers in HS. I can’t believe I still remember that “cheer”! ha ha!

  • It was awesome!! Such a great race! And yes, a bit sad for Katie too. I did swim competitively in high school and swimming (and Michael Phelps!) is one of my favorite summer Olympics sports!!

    Congrats to getting to the finals!

  • Oh geeeez… I remember getting up early on some of those cold mornings to go to practice with you after a sleep over. THAT was crazy!!! Early, cold, cold water, perkie little nips… no, definitley not for me.

    Don’t listen to her, (Pam that is…) she was ambitious and GOOD! I’ve seen her swim. 🙂