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I? Am insane.

I realize that this comes as not really any level of a shock to most of you (particularly those who have met me in person). So, I finally decided yesterday that I am going to do the Ravelympics, right? Well, now I’ve decided that I want to do TWO events. I’m doing the Santa Fe Shawl that I mentioned in yesterday’s post, but now I think I also want to do the Chrysanthemum Tea Skirt, too. See, I LOVE my Chrysanthemum Tea Shawl. It’s one of my very favorite things I’ve ever crocheted. And when someone pointed me to the fabulous Doris Chan’s blog with the info that she was re-writing the pattern as a skirt, well, I was really not going to be able to walk away from that. So, now I have to go decide on yarn. I know I don’t want wool, but I don’t know if I have any cotton in the stash that will work. I do have some SWTC Bamboo in a variegated pink colorway that might be fun. I’ll check that out, see what my other options are, and then I’ll probably do my usual indecisive Libra thing and post pics asking for opinions. (Y’all remember the Charlotte’s Web 2.0 process, right?)

ETA: As promised/threatened, here are the stash yarns I am thinking of for the skirt.

First, the SWTC Bamboo I mentioned – the color is “Bougainvillea”. It’s a nice variegated pink/purple.


Not my usual, but nice. (Anyone? Anyone?)


Second, Paton’s Brilliant in “Beautiful Burgundy” (And yes, it has silver sparkly bits through it):


Third, also Paton’s Brilliant, this time in “Prettiest Plum”:


Fourth, Hemp for Knitting Allhemp6 in “Brick”:


And finally, Karabella Manipur (100% silk) in #20177 (Would it kill them to give it a name? It’s a red-coral color, brighter and a little lighter than the hemp, although they look similar in the pictures.):


I have enough of any of the these (just enough of the burgundy, plenty on the rest), but I’m torn on the variegated vs. not debate. Also, trying to determine the wisdom of putting something sparkly on my not-exactly-tiny butt. I think the hemp will work nicely, and the silk would be just neat, assuming it’s not going to get all weird.

So, thoughts?  Opinions?  Ohpleasegoddon’tdothats?  Seriously, folks.  Me = not capable of making decisions on my own.

Oh, and since I’ve had a few people have problems with the spam thingy, I’m disabling it.  If anyone knows a WP plugin that has a word recognition or something, let me know!

15 comments to I? Am insane.

  • I vote Hemp! Though the bamboo is pretty too. Got kinda a nerdy, mousey thing goin’ on… 😉 But no, totally hemp.

  • I vote for hemp or the burgundy Patons.

  • Not variegated, my vote is Prettiest Plum…unless you’re primarily looking to reduce your pink yarn stash… 😉

  • bezzie

    I vote Manipur! But only because I want to see if you can wind it….muhahahahahahahaha! >:-)


    C’mon, you can get down with your bad self while sparkling all the way.

    My vote is for a sparkling booty. 🙂

  • SarahJanet

    Thank you, Captain Hammer. 🙂

  • I like the plum too, but mostly cause I think you could totally pull it off. For myself? I’d use the hemp. Not to mention that thing will be practically indestructible.

  • heheheheh…between all these wisecrack comments 🙂 I just can’t get sparkle butt out of my head now! I like them all so I’m of no help!! But yay for ravelympics…we’re all a bit crazy, don’t you think!

  • Oooo, purty skirt. My vote is for the burgundy sparkly one. ‘Cuz one can never have too much sparkle in life.

  • um, have you swatched any of these yet? I have no clue how crochet fabric behaves with various yarns.

    the variegated one is actually fairly subtle if you look at the FO’s on Rav in that color.

    I don’t think the silk is quite right for this project. (though a swatch could change my mind…)

    I’d go with the purple brilliant (but then, I luv purple and I like that it’s darker than the other color choices) or the hemp6, depending on how the pattern works up and how you plan to wear it.

  • Heh, I vote the bamboo just because it’s pink 😛

    I’ve got to agree with Christy though, I’d swatch and see what actually hangs well.

  • Wow, I really like that pattern for the skirt. I’m no help with picking out yarn. I like them all.

  • Hemp. If it’s a skirt, that means it’s on your ass which means you’ll be sitting on it and it will be tugged/pulled endlessly. I think the hemp will stand up to that the best.

    My only concern would be drape, so yeah, swatching is a good idea.

  • I’m all for making the ass sparkle! Patons Beautiful Burgundy!

  • I like the SWTC Bamboo. I think it would be pretty. =)