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Don’t Fall Off Your Chairs

Yes, I’m posting handspun on Handspun Monday again. 🙂 Welcome to update #2 on the Tour de Fleece. I’ve finished up my first bobbin of the silk hankies, and I plied it last night – only my second attempt at Navajo plying, and I think it went pretty darn well. 🙂


(Dammit… blurry again. Sorry!)


I ended up with about 18 wpi, so we’re looking at a fingering/sport weight on average. There are thicker and thinner spots, but that’s a pretty good estimate.


This hank is 48g, so it’s about 40% of the hankies. It came to about 114 yards of three-ply, so I’m hoping that if I can continue at this weight I will end up with about 250-260 yards total. Not exactly enough for Tuscany, which was my dream for this, but realistically, I didn’t have anywhere near enough weight to start with to even attempt that.


I’m really pretty thrilled with it, though – it will end up being something lacy and lovely, even if I don’t know what just yet. 🙂

A few people asked me how you turn silk hankies into yarn, and I’ll be happy to have Kris take some pictures if you’d like, but I learned from Amyknitty’s article. The only difference is that she’s clearly more patient than I am and uses a drop spindle, where I’m spinning them on a wheel. 🙂

And once again, I am going to demonstrate my adoration of the lovely Penny Karma. She recently posted about doing some retail therapy, and that her usual purchase in those times of need is lip gloss. She felt that the 17 glosses in her purse perhaps meant that she needed to branch out. I felt that 17 was a perfectly reasonable number to carry in one’s purse, and I now endeavor to show her what TRUE lip gloss junkiehood looks like.

This is what’s in my purse right now:


There are 16 of them (16 if you count the double-ended one as two, but we won’t go there), including what I think is every available color of Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer (Thank you Cristi, Ali, and Roxy for causing that particular addiction). The two Clinique ones on the right? Are the same color – Black Honey. One is a sample (Thank you, Sephora), and then I bought the full-sized one and put it in there, forgetting that the sample was already in there.

Next, let’s look at my dresser.


Here, we have an in-the-wild sighting of some Bath & Body Works “Wet Your Whistle”. This is my daily lip moisturizer – it goes on at the same time as the divine nectar in the jars behind it – Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar. Hands down the best facial moisturizer I’ve EVER used, and now it has SPF 20 in it! Yay! (This brings the count up to 17, btw.)

Inside the makeup drawer (Yes, I have a makeup drawer. Don’t judge me.), we have these lovely little organizers from Ikea. This one has the more color-based lip stuff, and the stuff I use most often (Some of these are lipsticks or liners, not glosses, so they don’t count)…


And this one is the more “pure flavor” or “pure shine” bin.


And because I KNOW you want to get a better look at what’s in them…


From the top left, we have the one and only Dior thing I will EVER own, two tins of three each flavored glosses from on10, another two-ended gloss from Bath & Body Works with one from Tarte, three Urban Decay Lip Gunks (sadly, the don’t make it like this any more) one tube of UD Ultraglide (which replaced the Lip Gunk but isn’t quite the same), an UD XXX Shine, three tubes of DuWop Lip Venom (The pink shimmery one in the little case was a giftie from Roxy). In the second row, we have 4 full-sized and 7 mini Buxom Lips glosses from Bare Escentuals, three full-sized and one mini BE lip glosses, and one BE Lip Guard for a total of 33 in that bin, and a grand total of 50 thus far. The sad thing? The one thing I am wondering is where the silver shimmer Lip Venom is, since the regular and the gold and pink shimmers are here, but I didn’t find the silver…


Again, starting top left, a Sephora Round-A-Pout, some incredibly ancient flavored glosses, a couple of random freebie samples of various and sundry, and 7 flavored glosses from Bath & Body Works. Next, 4 different flavors of BB&W Liplicious, 8 mini and 2 full-sized Urban Decay XXX Shines, and 11 flavored glosses from The Body Shop. That’s another 44, for a total of NINETY-FOUR different lip glosses. And I know for a fact that there is at least one other roaming around here, because my B&BW Mentha Lip Shine is in my knitting bag.

Yeah, I think there may be some level of obsession going on around here. I should really probably clean out those bins…

27 comments to Don’t Fall Off Your Chairs

  • Sunnyknitter

    Hi! My name is Steph and I’m a member of the sisterhood of the shiny lips too. I recognized waaay more of those tubes than I care to admit! Hey, they’re cheaper than shoes…

  • I’m in awe of your lip gloss collection.

  • Hugeness

    Assuming I’m the only guy that will post a comment, I’m going to do the only thing a guy would do in this case…

    Where’d you get the one called UltraGlide? I need a present for the wife. 🙂

  • I bow down before thee oh lip gloss queen. That’s quite a collection. Almost all I use now is just the Burts Bees. Gives the perfect amount of color.

  • ***blink, blink*** ***rubrubrub***

    sorry, just trying to clear my vision and wipe my screen from the UNHOLY amount of LIPGLOSS on it!!!

    good lawd!! this makes me feel MUCH better about my small collection.

  • Do we need to stage an intervention? Or maybe we should get you banned from Sephora. 🙂

  • rebel

    What? No Bonne Belle Lip Smackers? Your lip-gloss stash is a bit lacking there – you better head over to the nearest Walgreens. 😉

    Ok – you have more than I do, but I’ve got a lip balm or gloss in every purse, several jacket pockets, my car, my bathroom, my bedroom & the closet (don’t ask). Chapped lips are no joke!!! =P

  • You are amazing. I don’t think I could use that many lip glosses in my lifetime! Well, not ones to make my lips look pretty, that is. Straight up chapstick is ALWAYS in my pocket.

    The yarn is looking beautiful, btw 🙂

  • I’m just a chapstick girl, but lemme tell you … I certainly have a variety of those! Chap Stick, Arizona Sun (my FAVORITE), Aveeno (2 kinds), a sunblock freebie I’ll snag a bunch of when I work a hospital fundraiser golf tournament next week, Burt’s Bees and various others. If we stick to things that have no color, I might be able to hang with you. Might. 😉

  • I love that purpley handspun! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Nice work there — yay silk hankies! *drools*

    AND —

    you can NEVER have too much lip gloss or lip balm



  • PS – I see a very elegant One Skein Wonder in that handspun LOL


    Lip Venom, Buxom, CLinique Black Honey and any Burt’s Bees = the sh*t

  • Yorkie

    What Penny Karma said.

    I have ONE makeup bag that travels around with me. And a small auxiliary bag in the cupboard should Main Makeup Bag be unable to fulfill its duty.

    I consider myself overindulged if I have more than two eyeshadow thingies. I tend not to have more than one lippy at a time–I buy a tube, use it til it’s gone, then buy another.

    You have a PROBLEM, ma’am.

    Luckily, I’ll be happy to take your problem off your hands for ya. Simply bag up all your unwanted stuff, and I’ll steal it…erm…swing by and collect it when I’m in MD…

    BTW, do you ever have trouble with some lippy making little tiny zits come up? Happens to me a lot…

  • Well, I love the handspun! Deciding between berries and cream (light ones) or cotton candy! Great, I’m hungry for that now! Oh!..wow!, that’s quite a collection fer the lips! Cool names and flavors too 🙂

  • I am so showing my hubby your posting on this. Should hold him off for when I buy ANYTHING ever again.

  • fiberfool

    holy moley!
    I did see one benefit product in one of your photos! love benefit products in general. I even have chapstick out in the garage for when I need it. I stupidly left a lip balm in my car parked in the sun and without thinking I put some on and literally burned my lip! It was 105 degrees outside.
    Can I send you anything in the way of a gloss or two?

  • Jo

    I’m in awe. I have one of those Burts Bees shimmer in rhubarb – my favourite. Other than that, I don’t wear make up. I mean, I have some if I absolutely know someone is going to take my picture, but I don’t wear any day to day. It’s like you have your own make up store 🙂

  • Ok, I’ll be like the 3rd one out of 17 to comment on your handspun. Very pretty! I’ve got to teach myself navajo plying someday.

    I guess I don’t get the lipgloss thing. I’ve got one–that I’ve had for 3 years. I should probably toss it.

  • I say you just keep going until you have the same number of lip glosses as you do yarns. 😀

  • oh girl, I think you may have a problem, I thought I had a problem (I too have a make up drawer) but it is nothing compared to all that! 🙂

  • This amuses me greatly. I have two whole tubes of Burt’s Bees Lip shimmer, and I thought I had a problem. Who on earth needs two colours, thought I… *snicker*
    You’ve given me permission, I think, to be wild and crazy and purchase a third. Thanks!!! 🙂

  • Yay, another gloss fan! You can never have too many.

    Then again, I am a makeup addict that hangs out on makeup boards along with knitting ones.

  • Lovely spinning….but DUDE. The lip glosses?!? Holy hell. And I thought I was bad.

    (Ever use Rosebud lip balm? Comes in a blue tin…or the strawberry flavored one in a gold tin. I love them. You can buy them at Sephora.)

  • Dude, seriously…. compulsion anyone? Forget 12 steps, you’re going to need like 14 or 15 to rid yourself of all that junk. Tammy Fay didn’t have that many brushes on her dresser!


    Much love! Maybe you can use one of those lip glosses to splint up your nifty toe?

  • In total AWE of your collection! You have more Bare Minerals than the store I shop in. You should do makeovers at your home. Go outside, kidnap ladies and do their makeup! Love them glossy lips!

  • May

    Holy moly that’s one heck of a collection. I couldn’t go through that in two lifetimes!

  • lmao. That’s freaking insanely awesome. I thought I was bad for having about 10!

    Yay bare escentuals products. I got that SPF 15 bare lipgloss in the moxie kit, i love that one!