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I Has a Hot Tub!

Yup – it delivered yesterday afternoon.


(Apologies to the delivery dude who chose a poor position at the moment I snapped the picture…)


It fits right where we wanted it, and the base matches the walls nicely, which we were hoping.


We started filling it. (That would be Kris trying to wish it into filling faster.)


I perused the manual, prepping myself for the chemistry lesson to come. I seriously thought I was done with chem a long time ago…


Is full! Is hooked up and working! Is also really damn cold water, and is late (as you can see from the dark sky behind the cover there), so no christening of the tub last night. I’m even being good and waiting for Kris to get home from work before I jump in.  And never fear – I will not be subjecting all of you to pictures of me in a bikini.  I mean, I am getting in better shape, but I’m still no Cristi.  😉

15 comments to I Has a Hot Tub!

  • I’m GREEEEEEN right now!! Good for you!! that is gonna be sooo soo sexay for you and Kris!! 😉

  • Jo

    Holy cow – look at all those jets! Pam, can I come for a visit?!!?

  • Heh. Hehehehehehehehe.

    Party at Pam & Kris’!!! WOOT!

  • Pppppaaaaaaarrrrrrr-TAY, baby!

  • You are totally THE COOL house, you realize this, right? I feel like a kid again wanting to ask, “Can we come over to play?” 🙂

  • Green. With. Envy. When we knew we were moving back to Pgh, I told Chris I wanted to get a hot tub. A former co-worker (at Akron) had a hot tub and several of us would go over all the time. The best was when it snowed. I love sitting in a hot tub while it’s snowing.

    Someday, we hope to be as cool as you hot tubbin’ testicle tossin’ folks to the southeast. 🙂

  • Ooh it’s time for People Soup!!!

  • Haha! We’ll let you guys christen it first then we’ll be over! 😉

    Enjoy it!

  • psssh You look great too and you know it. Enjoy that hot tub!

  • Wow, very nice, looks like you guys have some relaxing fun days ahead of you.

  • I has a jealousy!

  • YAY!!! Green with envy over here… green. I’ll be flying over in just a couple hours to join ya’ll. I’ll bring the brew, k? And maybe some good burgers… buffalo. Yes, buffalo. I’ll cook if you just allow me to sit in there for a week. Maybe a month. Deal?

  • Yorkie

    Speakin’ of testicles…(thanks, DPU Tiger for bringing this to my twisted and overly cautious mind)…

    Prolonged hot tub usage isn’t supposed to be good for the Little Krisses floatin’ round in Scrotum Central. Just a word of warning…

    Having said that, have a blast, kids. I’ve been in a hot tub or two, and I really find them awesome on chilly nights.

    Oh, and I’ll be sending you some fake corpses and plastic dog doo and maybe a floating anaconda for your tub to keep nosy neighbours from trying to sneak a dip in when you’re not at home.

    Maybe you could get a floating RC shark fin too…that’d be fun!

  • Okay, wifey says she is waiting for you to ask. As you know however, I have no time for such social conventions… I wanna come over!!!!!!!! No kids either. They can stay home. J’s almost 8. He can watch them right?