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Since I’ve Been Scolded…

…and I don’t dare cross The Siress Yorkie, I guess I really should finally post.

Last Thursday night, Carrie, Maryanne and I went into Annapolis to say goodbye to our friend Lizzy. I had the awesome luck to meet her while working backstage at Colonial Players, and she very quickly became a dear friend. She was also learning to knit, so Carol and I sucked her into our group at Barnes and Noble. You may remember her as the one who theme-song-ed my Palette Cardi. Sady, Lizzy’s engagement ended recently (because her ex-fiance is a cheating scumball who’d better hope I never see him…), so she decided to go back home. Unfortunately for those of us in this area who have grown to love her dearly, “home” is in England. 🙁 I know it’s best for her right now, and she knows she’s always got a place to crash if she wants to visit, but I’m going to miss the hell out of her.


Love you to pieces, sweetie!! Be healthy and happy, ok?

This weekend, while he wasn’t stuck at work (1 pm Sunday to 8am Monday…) or on the phone with work (Friday night… Sunday morning… Monday afternoon…), Kris and I worked on the next step with the patio – the back wall is once again covered!



And big thanks to our friend JMac for lending a helping hand. What is on the wall there is the same as what will be the bottom half of the patio walls as well. Rumor has it that the hot tub will be here early next week, so we may even get started on the walls and roof next weekend.

And now for the current WIPs, since it is Wednesday…

Like so many others, I have been sucked into the adorableness that is FlintKnitsFebruary Lady Sweater. As I am sure will shock you all, mine is being done in (wait for it…) Lion Cotton Ease. What can I say – I’ve still got a ton of it, and I love the stuff. This shade is “Orangeade”, and I think it’s going to make a great cardi for cooler summer evenings and into the fall.


I’m also making some progress on the Twisted Float Shrug that we started at the Annie Modesitt class last week. I’m trying not to move too fast on it, because Marie didn’t have quite enough stock in my colors (“Bucks Bar” and “Pewter”), so I have to wait for her Lorna’s order to come in to finish it. I don’t want to run out of what I have before then.


And finally, I am working on a pair of toe-up socks in C*Eye*Ber Fiber in “Aurora Borealis”. This was in our goodie bags on Sea Socks.


I made up the cable/lace pattern by fiddling around on graph paper. It’s working out pretty well, I think.


Oh and you may notice my fabulous Julip Bags there with the shrug and the socks. You saw one of the project bags before, and the spindle bag, but Amby is a terrible, terrible temptress and made me a custom Hannah Knitting Tote in the sushi print, which I got at the same time as the sushi project bag up there. I’ve been carrying the tote everywhere, and I’ve gotten TONS of compliments on it. You know you want to check out her site… (Personally, I’m talking myself down from a Lily Tote. I DON’T need another bag. Really. I don’t…)

So, Yorkie, am I forgiven? I’ll try not to be silent for quite so long next time, I promise. Besides, I have a blog award to pass along.

9 comments to Since I’ve Been Scolded…

  • Heh heh…I was reading along when I saw that first JB pic and thought…Huh, that looks familiar! Yeah, it took me a minute but I’m kinda slow. 😀

    The patio looks fab, can’t wait to see more pics!

  • The porch looks great–that back wall has lots of potential.
    I’m a little saddened/amused that your goodie bag yarn in “Aurora Borealis” was from a dyer that is in your state.
    But something to note for my Great Alaskan Knitter Tour of the Rest of Alaska that I’ll put together someday–I’ll use local dyers 😉

  • Porch is looking good!

    And, yes I think you need more knitting bags. They’re so cute and so useful!

  • LOVE that sushi fabric! And hey, aren’t knitting bags like sock yarn? You can never have too much! 😉

  • PooterP

    Patio and knitting look wonderful…I have missed your posts 🙂 pp

  • Patio is coming along so nicely! It looks like it will be such a nice retreat. 🙂

    I love seeing your project bags in your WIP posts. I did one like that a week or two ago also.

    Hope you have a nice holiday weekend!

  • Patio is looking good! I love the color you chose for your February Lady Sweater!!

    Must resist absolutely adorable bags…must…try…

  • Fabulous patio, and all that knitting! You’re being amazingly productive at a time when everyone else is slumping.

  • Oooh CottonEase! Of course! I’ve been pondering that pattern as well. Hmm…maybe I’ll join in on this eventually. All the WiPs are pretty but my favorite is the patio! It’s looking fantastic!